Cooking with Gas...
Danan Davis

As many of you have already heard, Gas Powered Games is now lead developer of Age of Empires Online. We figured you might have some questions about what this all means so I wanted to share a few thoughts on behalf of myself and the rest of the Age of Empires Online development team.

First and foremost, we’re thrilled! We have no doubt this is a great move for the game, and most importantly for all of you anxiously awaiting its launch this year. We’ve been working with Gas Powered Games for some time now on a collection of great new content packs (which we’ll reveal a bit later). In that time, it’s become really clear Chris Taylor and his team share our passion to make this one of the best games in Age of Empires franchise history. Rest assured, there’s a dedicated team of folks both at Microsoft and GPG who will continue to work hard to make sure this game blows you away. Anyway, with big news, you probably have some questions. We’ve tried to answer a few for you below.

  • Why did you make this switch?
    This has been the plan for some time, and we’re excited to share the great work GPG has been doing. In working with GPG, it’s become clear they share our long-term commitment to make this a success. Our previous development partner, Robot Entertainment, did amazing work on the game, and we wish them the best in their future projects.
  • Does this mean the game will be delayed?
    Absolutely not. We’re still on schedule to launch this year with a tremendous amount of content.
  • What’s GPG working on?
    Not only is GPG polishing the current content for launch, but they’re working on a ton of cool new content like Booster Packs, Vanity Packs, and entirely new civilizations.
  • What’s it like working with Chris Taylor?
    Chris has an infectious energy about making games, and it’s clear he really enjoys what he does. You’ll soon see for yourself on our future video blogs with Chris—coming soon!
  • When will I get to play the game?
    We’re thrilled with the progress of the game and can’t wait to share it with all of you so you can see for yourselves. To get your first look, sign up for the beta today!

We can’t wait to show our fans the great work GPG has been doing, so stay tuned for updates in the coming months. And a reminder—another great way to follow the development of the game, other than this blog, is to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.