Let’s Talk About Shopping.
Kristin Reilly

What’s with the stores in my Capital City? Why do I care about the stores in my city? Stores are actually pretty important in Age of Empires Online. Stores help you grow your city, as well as sell craft goods and gear for your units to help you excel in battle. You can also find really cool, rare stores. And there’s also a way to make your stores work for you!

When you first log in, you’ll notice your city comes with two stores, the Empire Bazaar and the General Store. The Empire Bazaar is where you’ll be able to purchase premium content in the future (such as Empire Extras and Boosters.) The General Store is a store you’ll find yourself visiting quite often, or at least I do! Not only does it offer building goods, it also offers warehouses and the Construction Store – yes, a store offers a store!

The Construction Store is where you’ll buy workshop blueprints. Why bother with workshops? Workshops supply you with a nearly endless amount of goods for crafting. You will have to tend to your workshops, though. Once they produce their max number of goods, they can’t produce more until you empty them and place the goods in your inventory. Also, the Construction Store offers houses you can buy and place around your city. These are decorative only, but it’s always nice to give your city dwellers a place to call their own.

Along with the houses, there are other vanity items and stores that sell them. Two of those stores are the Startling Statuary and Glorious Gardening. The Startling Statuary sells statues, vases, and a flagpole that you can place all around your city to make it yours. Are fountains more your style? Then be sure to stop by the Glorious Gardening store, where all your fountain, planter, gazebo, and tree needs will be met!

But what if consumables are more your style? You’d rather spend your money on ways to stomp your enemy. Then the Empire Store is for you. Here you can spend your Empire Points on consumables, Advisors, or Lucky Tickets. Consumables and Advisors can help bolster capabilities in quests, while Lucky Tickets are a way to try to improve your financial situation by trying to get a ticket that will add lots of gold coin to your coffers! Careful, though—the odds aren’t always in your favor.

You may also want to check out the Blueprint Store. Here you can buy blueprints for the Craft Schools you’ve chosen and craft equipment for your troops.

I’m sure that by now you’ve seen someone advertising their Moe’s, and you’ve wondered: WHAT exactly is a Moe’s? Moe’s Mystorium is a shop that sells chests. When you buy these chests, you never know exactly what’s in them. Sometimes you’ll get a great chest with awesome gear; other times you’ll just get goods. It’s always a mystery when you buy a chest from Moe’s. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, How do I get one?! Sadly, you can’t buy a Moe’s (unless you happen across someone who’s selling one); it’s a random drop.

Now you may be wondering about how you can make stores work for you. Because your Capital City is persistent, that means your shops are always open. Why do you want people to shop at your stores? Kickbacks, baby! Currently, the kickback system is set at 5%. What this means is that any time someone shops at your stores, you’ll see 5% of their purchase price show up in gold! Free gold? Yes, please!

These aren’t the only stores you’ll find in Age of Empires Online. There are several more specialty shops that drop randomly from chests, allowing you to sell some truly epic equipment. Not only do they add to your city’s layout, they’re also an easy way to get gold. I’m still waiting for the first Age of Empires Online mini-mall to pop up.