Top Game Tips for New Players from our AoEO Community

Starting out in any online game can feel a little intimidating at first. Knowing the basics and having a little direction can really help get you started. Earlier this month we posed a question in our forums to our Age of Empires Online Community to help our newer players get started:

“If you were to give your top 3 tips for new players, what would they be?”

A lot of great advice was given to help new players get started; here are some of the highlights:

“Focus on collecting food and wood early in the game, then when you are about to reach the second age begin to focus on collecting gold and then finally focus on collecting stone when you are about to reach the third age.” redhrts

“Look around and learn about strategy - If you have the right strategy you can do all quests with relative ease. You dont need expensive gear, everything can be done with cheap affordable crafted gear if the strategy is right. You don't need to multitask like you have 4 hands, a good solid strategy can be implemented slowly and still beat all quests.” Safe Base

“Don't expect to win with a single army or focus on trying to keep one group alive for the whole game, you'll collect thousands of resources in a typical game, so be prepared to chuck guys into a fight then replace them. Of couse i'm not suggesting you just waste units, i'm just saying it's ok to lose units... (though i know it's easy to want to keep retreating and massing up)..” t31os

“Build as many material workshops as the game allows in all your towns as soon as you can afford to do so. They quickly pay for themselves and thereafter provide a continual source of income.” WotNoFish

“I would advise them to unlock all the units available in the tech tree. That way you can optimize your play style by choosing certain options over others according to your preferences.” Caribou51

“Try to get better by playing skirmish matches in parties or by doing quests with a co-op partner.” NeoApocalypse0

And the tips given the most often?

“never stop producing villagers” zerton55

“Make tons of villagers.” IamFarmer1

“as someone said earlier, Villagers!  Always with the villagers!” Sonovius

“Never stop producing vill(ager)s” PerkyMite

“Start asking questions on the general chat whenever you feel a bit lost (happened to me in the beginning)... We gladly would like to help you out ^^” XBL FANATIC

“Post on the forums for helpful advice.” Abraxix92

“Always remember : If unsure of anything just ask
There are some very experienced players about and most are happy to help whatever way they can.” WotNoFish

That is just a small example of the advice our community has to give. Looking for more? Have some advice of your own to give? Take a look at the Top Tips thread here.

Other great resources to help you get started:

Last but not least, have FUN! We will see you in game.


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