Alliance Wars


The Alliance Wars are a brand new, team-based competition for level 40 players. It revolves around three Alliances: The Delian League, The Council of Imhotep, and The Legion of Carthage. Each Alliance is fighting for dominance, and only one can come out on top! Choose your Alliance wisely - the benefits of each are unique.


The Delian League

The Delian League – Capital: Delos
The League is a confederacy of Greece states that meets at the island of Delos. Their leader, Archimedes, is a mathematician and engineer who wins his battles through economy and trade.
Passive Bonuses (not active in PvP): Gather Rate, Cheaper Buildings, Building Health

The Council of Imhotep The Council of Imhotep – Capital: Farafra Oasis
The Council of Imhotep is headed by the famed vizier Imhotep, a polymath skilled in architecture, engineering, and medicine. Those working alongside Imhotep wish to elevate their civilization through the use of technology and usher peace through religion.
Passive Bonuses (not active in PvP): Cheaper Research, Unit Health, Cheaper Priests

The Legion of Carthage The Legion of Carthage – Capital: Carthage
The Legion of Carthage is headed by Hannibal, the famous general who crossed the Alps to invade Italy. His legion enforces its power through brute strength and massive numbers.
Passive Bonuses (not active in PvP): Damage, Train Time, Food Gathering

Alliance Points

Completing quests while you’re in an Alliance will earn you ‘Alliance Points’ (or AP). The total AP earned by everyone in your Alliance (or ‘Total War Effort’) is used to determine the winning team.

RewardsYou can earn AP through quests, PvP, Skirmish, Defense of Crete, Legendaries, or even donating Materials to the cause!

Empire Point Rewards

At the end of each contest, Empire Points are awarded to all participants. The amount is determined by two factors: what place your Alliance came in, and how much you contributed to your Alliance.

Empire PointsIn general, being a large contributor to your Alliance is worth more than coming in first. If an Alliance is at a disadvantage with fewer members and low participation, its members will get a bonus to their EP rewards. There’s no shame in joining an Alliance that’s in third.

Sabotage Your Enemies!


Is one Alliance dominating? Team up with another Alliance to take them down! You can choose to use a percentage of your AP to reduce the War Effort of an enemy Alliance. The best part is, you’ll still earn full participation credit regardless of where your AP goes.

Monthly Contest


There are three simultaneous contests running at any given time: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Any time you earn AP, you will contribute the same amount to each contest. When each contest ends, Empire Points are awarded and the contest is over. All expired contests will be stored in the Archives to review for a period of time.

Alliance Ranks

Alliance Ranks

Within each Alliance, each member will be given a rank based on their overall participation. This rank will increase your passive Alliance Bonuses and give you bragging rights. Don’t worry, if you miss a few days of playing you’ll hold your rank… but if you’re gone for too long, you’ll start to lose your standing!

Alliance Gear

Each Alliance sells their own unique pieces of equipment that fit with their theme. This level 40 gear ranges from decent rare gear to some of the best possible Legendaries. You can browse the stores in each Alliance’s capital, but you must be a member in order to use the gear.

Alliance Gear

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