Redecorating the Office

When the boss is away, the minions shall play.

It’s Friday here at Microsoft, but not just any Friday. It’s the Friday before a long weekend. Memorial Day is Monday and with it comes an extended break from the normal drudges of our everyday, mundane office lives. If you didn’t know, we Americans loathe Mondays, since 7 out of 10 of our Federal Holidays happen to fall on a Monday this year. Coincidence? I think not.

Fridays on campus are generally quieter than the rest of the week anyway, but today is something straight out of a horror film. I walked in this morning to find our usual work pit emptier than a graveyard on Halloween. It’s seriously creepy to sit at your desk and be able to hear yourself breathing. Normally there are a myriad of different noises assaulting my eardrums: keys pressed, mice clicked, and the constant minute-meeting-discussions taking place all around. Today, there was nothing but silence.

As people started to trickle in, slowly but surely, I contemplated times at which I could leave, and continue my work day from the comforts of my own home. As I lost myself deep in thought about the whizzing sound my Xbox makes, the smell of the leftover pizza from the night before being reheated in the oven, and the feel of putting on my favorite pair of sweats to lounge on the couch, I heard a familiar voice: “Solicest is gone. What are we gonna do?”

B1oxx appeared from his normal hideout adorned with a smile on his face and a look akin to Dennis the Menace. If you did not know, B1oxx is the resident prankster, and any time he gets “that look” on his face, trouble will ensue.

Suddenly I had inspiration; a willingness to stay at work until the day was done.

As we discussed possible prank options, I continued to enter codes for our normal Free Code Friday festivities. Unbeknownst to most of you, we are sitting on a plethora of these code cards. Maybe you have seen some of them in the pictures we post. When I say we have a lot, I mean it. Scoffing at the fact that we still have so many codes packed away in boxes, B1oxx suggested that we “decorate” Solicest’s desk with them, covering every visible square inch with a card.

Lonely Desk

As you can see from the above picture, Solicest’s desk is a lonely and desolate place, lacking any real… fun. That would change very, very $00/\/.

Armed with double-sided tape, and the will to succeed, we set forth on our goal of creating a more lively work experience for Solicest. Luckily, armed with what may seem like a small battalion, covering her desk was actually an easy task. Between the nearly one thousand (that’s right, one thousand) code cards used and the five of us working, the job only took about an hour. We contemplated decorating her walls, too, but we had to get some work done at some point.

So here is the end result – a desk fit for a queen. How long she will keep it this way, I know not. How long before she retaliates is also a mystery, but at least for now, I have my satisfaction!


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