The opponents have been chosen! Prepare to enter Sparta!

The following players will take up the fight in the “Balance Team Challenge” tomorrow, Wednesday, June 6th at 11:00 am PDT in Sparta on the Marathon server.

The battles will ensue in order; each player will have 10 minutes to join their match after the invitation has been sent. (Sorry we do not have specific times as each match can vary in length.)

  1. ii MiLhOuS3 ii
  2. azadazzu
  3. brutishjarl
  4. zerton55
  5. ClosingGlint4
  6. orktastic
  7. anxiety
  8. Itzcuahutli

For those of you not entering the battle field, join us for a live stream of the carnage here:

Winners of this event will be rewarded with either a Civ of their choice, Bountiful Bushes, or Glorious Gardening codes... and BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Additional matches may be held depending on how much time we can steal from the Balance Team. ;)

Come one come all! Join us for another “Balance Team Challenge”!

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