Corrections and Bug Fixes for the Summer Update

As we have mentioned before, this update is by far the BIGGEST update we have ever made to Age of Empires Online. If you have not already, you can read the full Update notes, including new features and content, here.

In addition to everything listed in the Update Notes we are improving on our existing features as well. Today’s blog is to give you a peek into some of the improvements and corrections being made with the Summer Update.

  • Made a bunch of changes to how the UI and fonts scale up and down at different resolutions, fixing a number of issues with super high resolutions — you 2560x1600 users playing in full screen, should see improved visuals, even though we are secretly jealous of you — and with widescreen resolutions. Seriously, trying to get this all work was like herding cats. With a spatula.
  • Fixed a random crash when closing the game while searching for co-op matches.
  • Made the font size the same for the Custom player bio in the Skirmish Booster UI, because someone actually noticed it was 1-point smaller. Weirdo.
  • Fixed some weird issues with a number of UIs that didn't properly allow you to click outside of their visible areas.
  • Fixes for messaging when you have parental controls enabled.
  • Party system fix that could keep you from starting matchmaking despite not being in a party.
  • Fix for a lock-up on the "Creating Game…" screen if the other player canceled a co-op quest they were inviting you to join.
  • Fix for a bug where the game couldn't retrieve a newly reset leaderboard until entries appeared.
  • Fix for a bug where the leaderboards couldn't be retrieved beyond the last page.
  • Implemented better security for carbonated beverages stored in the GPG conference room.
  • Add AI button and your level is now translated in all languages in the Skirmish UI.
  • Units in the Gear Hall no longer show the tech upgraded names, just the base one. So you won't see "Champion Spearman," just "Spearman."
  • Recently crafted items in the hopper no longer say "Right-click to equip" when you move the pointer over them, as right-click sends the item to your inventory.
  • Players starting a new Persian civ will now get the fancy "You've reached Level 20" animation if they hit ESC to leave the menu; it was previously only triggered on hitting the Close button.
  • Fix for bug where Gold Mines were collapsing when they still had some available gold. Won't someone think of the poor miners!
  • Fixed a bug where you could close the Gear Hall with the keyboard shortcut with an item on your cursor and then not be able place it.
  • We now ensure that a player has room for all Guardian Rewards when on a quest before awarding them out.
  • One of our engineers made a change that apparently "got the noodle." We have no idea what that means, nor do we want to know.

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