Results from June 6th's Balance Team Challenge

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

The above quote couldn’t be truer. Life is a random collection of variables, constantly dancing around, and rearranging themselves how they see fit. Sure, you can open a box of chocolates and just look at the diagram to see what is where, but that would be cheating. So we will just continue to believe that the chocolates are randomly strewn about the box, and anything could happen each time you reached for a treat.

This reference perfectly describes our Balance Challenges. This, being the 3rd challenge, was probably the weirdest of them all, proving to me that there are no certainties in life, and making bets for your colleagues sometimes isn’t the best idea.

Let’s go back to the first week, shall we. After dropping the first two games out Balance Team rattled off six straight victories. Last week, eight wins, zero losses and lots of shame for the community. It would be safe to assume that this week would be no different, right? Well community, you brought your A-game.

Four wins and two losses. No, that’s not the Balance Team’s record for the day. Community, that was yours! You stole the show. You took made the balance team bend over your knee so you could spank them. Kudos to you on such a valiant effort.

In the ring today from the Balance Team was IamGHOSTFALL. He started the day pretty well, taking down his first opponent quickly and efficiently. Some would even go so far to say that it was as easy as flying a kite. Tactics aside, this would be the only time you could see a smile wiped his face. The rest of the event wouldn’t be so kind to him.

IamGHOSTFALL went on to drop the next two matches, flustered by the knowledge and prowess exhibited by his opponents, and bowed out for the day to let a new member, Noc, showcase his skills.

Different person, same results.

The first game for Noc was simple, defeating his opponent in a mere eleven minutes. Light work. You might even think he didn’t need to warm up. Two games later, that was definitely not the case. Left battered and bruised, like his comrade before him, Noc closed out the game, and left the virtual battlefield with great shame. Well, I’m sure he felt just fine, but I will place all the shame on him from the comfort of my chair.

Here’s the full list of today’s challengers:


  • orktastic
  • sKs anxiety
  • zerton55
  • cG BrutishJarl


  • ClosingGlint4
  • azadazzu
  • After today’s event, our Balance Team’s record is 16-6. While that is definitely a reputable record, you have earned your right to brag in the forums about the massacre displayed Wednesday. Speaking of the forums, you may have noticed that we added some new hotness to them.

    If you have competed in any of our Balance Challenges, you will receive one of two tags appended below your name. The first is “Challenge Victor.” For a few of you skilled enough to win, you know will have this visual flair attached to every post you make in the forums. For those of you who have tried your luck but come up short-handed, we have a treat for you, too. “Challenge Victim” will be your new tag, and like the victor, you will have this displayed every time you post.

    Check out the images below to see them for yourselves.


    These images are not tagged to your account forever. If you manage to challenge our team after receiving a tag, the results from that new challenge will determine whether or not you get to keep it. So if you are a victim, make sure to get back to the action to get that tag changed to victor. For those of you that already won, don’t think that you can sit idly by and keep your tag forever.

    If you’re interested in watching any of today’s or previous matches, remember you can do so by checking out our official page here:

    As always, thank you very much for coming out, playing the game against us, and enjoying our company in the chat. It seriously is the best part of our week. Special shout-out to those of you who gave it your all today, we appreciate the effort. Until next time, enjoy the spoils, Community. You earned it!

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