Results from June 20th's Balance Team Challenge

Here we are. Another week has gone by, which means that with it came another Balance Challenge. I must say I quite look forward to each one of these events since they not only give me some insight into the crazy world of PvP, but provide me with tons of live entertainment.

A few weeks ago I caught some flak for rooting for the community as you took on our Balance Team. The thing is, I like to root for the underdog, and it is fun to see them win. Especially when I get to go over to GPG and see the Balance Team, and remind them just how bad things went. Ok, I also go over there to steal any and all Mexican Cokes, but that is a different subject.

This week (and the last week which held an event as well) proved to be somewhat troublesome for the underdogs, as our balance effectively wiped the floor with you, the community. You have definitely been giving it your best shot, but something has changed.

Maybe those early jitters have worn off from our team, and they consistently are showing why keeping balance in line is their job. Maybe the community hasn’t been putting their best foot forward (don’t even try it – looking at you, Zuta). Who knows what the issue is, but now, every time you challenge the Balance Team, you leave with your tail tucked between your legs.


Spoiler Alert – the above picture was the same for EVERY game played today.

As mentioned above, this week showcased the true fury of the team as IamMRMILO went on a quick but effective 5 game tear to knock off some of the best the Age of Empires Online has to offer. Weapon of choice for Milo, Egyptian. 4 out of his 5 games, he used them to demolish the competition. First victim – Supe12Natu12al – who tried to mirror Milo’s approach, and use the Egyptians. Unfortunately this tactic would prove useless, as his civ sank quicker than a boat with a hole in it. Total game time – 7 minutes.

Next up was iamnotgrunt, who seemed more interested in beating the fastest loss record rather than trying to beat Milo. Using the Persians as his tool of death, he tried valiantly to topple our Balance Team representative, but suffered the same fate as those before him. Don’t worry, buddy, I’ll get that Victim tag on your profile ASAP!


The next two matches rounded out the use of civilizations by challengers as WeaklyMammal66 and sKs IamSoldieR threw their best at Milo with the Celts and Greeks respectively. It troubles me to say that their fate was the same as the rest. Defeat.

Finishing the day was a familiar foe. sG Zuta (Part 1Part 2) came at him with everything he could possibly muster, but in the end one thing was clear. The Balance Team is not to be trifled with.

Our record is now a healthy 21-6 between all the challenges, and I only expect that first number to rise. So it is up to you, community. Come with your best foot forward, and take down the team. We all love to see the impossible happen, just don’t shy away from the challenge like you have been lately.

Until next time… Enjoy your victim tags – filled with cats!

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