Volunteer Community Moderators!

In an effort to better empower our community and support the best environment possible for our players we are proud to announce the creation of the “Volunteer Community Moderator” program.  (Horrible name we know, we will get to that in a bit).

The intent of this program is to allow our players to be actively involved in the management of their community. What is this program all about? Glad you asked!


What does a Volunteer Community Moderator do?

  • Help enforce the Age of Empires Online ToS through moderation
  • Participate in forum discussions
  • Help advise newer players
  • Be an advocate for the community.

How does one get to be a Volunteer Community Moderator?

VCM’s are chosen by the Age of Empires Online Community team.  Members are chosen based on:

  • A history of helpful, constructive interactions on the forums
  • A passion for the Age of Empires brand
  • An ability to provide criticism and feedback to developers in a constructive manner
  • Knowledge of the ToS

    What does one get when they are chosen?
  • A nifty forum tag
  • The ability to support their community

When will you be picking more VCMs?

  • We will continue to add volunteers as needed.
  • Volunteers sign up for 3 month assignments, after that time is up the assignments will either expire or be extended for another 3 months.

In short, VCM’s generously donate their time, and likely patience, working for the community to make the forums a better place to be. 
With all that said, we are excited to announce our first two volunteer mods, Alexastor and Rphilman1, who will begin assisting in the forums within the next couple of weeks.

Now then, about that name.. it seemed to us that there had to be a more clever name than “Volunteer Community Moderator” but what should it be?

Why not ask the community themselves!
Let us know what you think, what should our new moderators be called?
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