July 11th’s Balance Team Challenge Participants Announced!

It’s time for another Balance Team Challenge. Stepping in to the ring representing the developers, we have IamMRMILO, who is still undefeated and reigning Balance Team Challenge Champion of the world!

Willing to tackle the monumental task of defeating Milo, we have 8 brave challengers, all chomping at the bit for a piece of the action. Tomorrow, starting at 11 am PDT, we will be streaming LIVE from our Twitch.TV page, bringing you all the action from the following contestants:

  • WeaklyMammal66
  • sKs Anxiety
  • Faceplanteu
  • OptimalAcorn
  • ii MiLhOuS3 ii
  • zMr Banana Manz
  • Supe12Na7u12aL
  • FK a5ad
  • iSparky XzamqLe (alternate)
  • Sohrabs  (alternate)
  • xakke36 (alternate)

If you see your name on the list, be ready to fight tomorrow morning. The rest of you, hop on over to watch the action unfold at

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