First Anniversary Update

Ave, all!

August 16, 2012, will mark the first anniversary of the public launch of Age of Empires Online. What better way to celebrate the occasion than with a major new Update?

In this blog update, I am going to talk briefly about many of the excellent new features and options coming in the Anniversary Update. I am not going into details; we will be covering these new features and options in detail in upcoming blog posts and other media. I am also not telling you everything that is going in the Update; again, we will reveal more features and options as we get closer to the date.

The Anniversary Update will include a new Pro Civilization. We are not announcing the identity of the civ right now—that will be part of a later event. I will tell you that its identity has been hinted at before by me, and that it is NOT Rome. Let’s call them the Annies for now. For those not familiar, a Pro Civilization is a complete civilization with an entirely new unit roster. It comes with all normal features expected of any purchased civ, except that it does not include campaign quests for levels 1-20. Instead, pro-civ players begin at level 20, with quick access to Sparta PvP, Argos, and a few custom quests. There will also be a repeatable demo, which will allow players to try out the new civ as much as desired before committing to the purchase. They will be available for 900 Empire Points.

The Anniversary Update will include a new Booster—a Quest Pack. This new booster will contain quests for ANY CIV, taking that Civ roughly from levels 20-30. In other words, there will now be an alternative to Argos for those players who want some different quests. Again, more details are coming, but these quests will be available to any Civ. This booster will be available for 450 Empire Points.

New Vanity Gear is coming, as well as new Empire Consumables. We will save most of these details for blog posts we have scheduled to go live on July 17th and August 8th, but I will say the words Crocodile Rampage.

So that’s the stuff that will be available for Empire Points. Of course, you can purchase those EPs using money, or earn EPs by leveling your civilizations and participating in the Alliance Wars.

Additional Content Available with the Anniversary Update:

Repeatable Quest improvements. Nearly all repeatable quests in the game now have secondary objectives with additional rewards and a variety of new challenges. Best of luck!

How about a new set of Loot Tickets? These will come in two varieties. A new Vanity Ticket does just what it sounds: when you get a Vanity Ticket in your loot, you can go to Vanity Island to turn it in for a choice of vanity items. A new Golden Ticket, when found, can be given to Marcus Pollux to receive several high quality chests.

Milestone Rewards. Finally, we have been working on a new system to reward players for playing multiple civilizations. We are calling it Milestone Rewards. As you level up your civilization, you’ll earn bonuses and awards when you hit the milestone levels (like 20, 30, and more). Once you unlock bonuses on one civ, they can be used to customize your other civilizations on that realm. A full blog post will be posted on July 25th with more details.

There’s even more in this update, like adding Celtic environments to the Skirmish Hall. But we will be telling you all the details in the upcoming weeks. Please keep tuned to this blog, as well as our other media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. For now, we can have a discussion about these revelations in this thread.

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