Results From July 11th's Balance Team Challenge

“I learn a lot of things from these Balance Challenges…” - Solicest
“I don’t… I can’t keep up.” - BIGTwinkle
“Well yea, the first thing I learn is that I suck!” – Solicest

The above conversation took place during yesterday’s Balance Team Challenge while watching the exploits of IamMRMILO and his opponent, sKs anxiety. Actually, though, the same conversation has taken place on more than one occasion, as we, the plebeians, watch in awe at the furious movements that occur in a PvP match.

We know that we on the Community Team are no match for the top 100 players in the community, which is why we have these Balance Challenges. This week’s challenge was nothing short of amazing, and there will be no smug words coming from my mouth today.

We’re going to start in the middle, this time around, and immediately jump to the match that pitted sKs anxiety against IamMRMILO. I seriously have no words (I know, crazy right?!) about the match you need to watch right now. So for the first time ever, I am going to embed the video below. Check it out…NOW!

“By Grabthar’s Hammer. By the Sons of Warvan. You shall be avenged!” – sKs Anxiety

Now that you’ve had some time to wipe the sweat off your body, and clean yourself up after 40 minutes of the most furious action you’ve ever witnessed, let’s go over what happened.

Admittedly the above quote was not sKs anxiety at all. Sources tell me it was Alan Rickman. But I’m sure he managed to produce something equally as awesome as Rickamn’s quote, maybe along the lines of, “never give up! Never surrender!” No, that wasn’t him either? Regardless, what a game that was!

Anxiety managed to hand IamMRMILO his first loss in these challenges, and earned both the Challenge Victor tag, as well as 900 EP to purchase a new civilization. But he wasn’t the only one…

Perhaps still shocked from the prior defeat, IamMRMILO managed to drop his next game against Supe12Na7u12aL! It would seem as though lightning does strike twice in the same place, and in succession. The likelihood or this happening is one in a billion, but it did, and we are still picking up our jaws off the floor. Congratulations to our two winners of the day. Enjoy your prizes, fame, and fortune!

Of course, Milo being Milo, he did manage to score more than a few wins today. Don’t let the above excitement fool you. There is a reason he is part of our Balance Team.

The first challenger of the day was WeaklyMammal66. If you recall last week’s challenge, you will remember that he was the only person to win against our Balance Team. This week his fate was a tad different. Welcome back to the Kitty Klub, buddy. I told you we’d be waiting!

Following in WeaklyMammal’s path were Faceplanteu, who managed to give Milo a good run for 12 minutes before finally falling. ii MiLhOuS3 ii, who could only keep it together for less than 6 minutes prior to submitting. zMR Banana Manz, who is no stranger to the kittens tag on the forums, and will continue to wear them proudly after suffering another defeat. FK a5ad, who rushed home from work just in time to catch a butt-whooping. And finally, Sohrabs, who even though was an alternate, managed to give a better fight than the rest of the other losing contestants.

All in all I must say this was an absolute blast to watch. I highly suggest that you make sure to watch all of our Balance Team Challenges as they are streamed from our Twitch.TV account, or at least make sure to pop on over there to catch them afterwards.

That ends this week’s write up, but I look forward to trolling you all in the chat next week with the promise of fun, and the hope for codes!

See ya next time!

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