Sign Up For July 18th's Balance Team Challenge

Wednesday July 18th, at 11am PDT our Balance Team will be back in action looking to take on you, the community, in yet another Balance Team Challenge. Think you’ve got what it takes to bring down either IamSTEVEHOLT or IamGHOSTFALL?

For those of you who don’t know, each week we gather 8 members of the community to challenge someone from our Balance Team to some one-on-one action on the virtual battlefield. We all gather and stream the entire thing LIVE from our Twitch.TV page for all to see!

So if you have the fortitude to tackle the Balance Challenge while being in the spotlight, then pop on over to the forum thread listed at the bottom of the page and reply with your gamertag for a chance to take on our Balance Team! We will pick 8 names from the group, as well as 3 alternates in case people chicken-out (it has happened), to take on the team next week. Participants will be announced Tuesday morning.

Best part – if you win, we’ll give you 900 Empire Points to do with what you will. Also, you’ll get a nice “Challenge Victor” tag appended to your forum posts. However if you lose, you will receive the “Challenge Victim” tag, riddled with kittens. The choice is yours!

Challenge Victim Challenge Victor

Easy enough, right? Then go sign up now!