Community Creations - Stricken St

One thing that always brings a smile to our faces as developers is seeing the creations that you can come up with. Whether those be videos, pictures, poems, songs, or even sculptures (someone take the hint), we enjoy seeing and hearing them all!

In celebration of your effort, we’ve decided to start sharing some of the things you’ve created for the whole world to see. This time around, though, we were ninja’d by a fellow fourth floor friend.

Down the hall from our nook of an office lies the home of the PlayXBLA team. Enthralled by the sounds of laughter, XBLA Tart came over to see this creation made by Stricken St on my screen.

Just as enthused as the rest of the Age of Empires Team, XBLA Tart & XBLA Vulcan decided to go ahead and borrow the photo to post on their site for the entire world to see!

Hippikon Sunset

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