New Vanity Gear Coming With The Anniversary Update

With the Anniversary Update fast approaching, I am sure some of you are interested to find out what is coming with said Update. Well, I am here to serve you up a taste of some of the new Vanity Gear coming out next month!

When you first log in to your brand new, updated game, you will notice your Vanity Gear Hall has a few new additions to it! Crazy, fun stuff, right?! These 4 new sets of Vanity Gear will be available for purchase on Vanity Island!

Dragon Slayer Pirate Lunch Knight Wizard

As you’re browsing Vanity Island, you’ll be hard-pressed to miss these 4 new sets of Vanity Gear located in the Exotic Vanity and Fantasy Vanity shops.

Fantasy Vanity Store Exotic Vanity Store

I know what you’re thinking, “enough about the purchase. Just show me the new gear, already!”

I shall oblige!


Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer Longswordsman

Wage warfare and battle foes, wielding ancient weaponry used to take down even the fiercest of opponents with the Dragon Slayer gear. Terrorize the battlefield as you charge in with your new equipment soaked red from the defeat of prior enemies.



Pirate Longswordsman

Yarrr! Equip this gear t' make yer foes tremble in terror while lootin' an' pillagin' the'r villages hunting fer hidden treasures!



Wizard Longswordsman

Ward of your enemies attacks with a book of spells powerful enough to put even the most studious of apprentices to shame! Raise your staff and smite any of those who dare oppose your magical gifts!


Lunch Knight

Lunch Knight Longswordsman

Contest your opponent’s advances with fruit! Shade yourself from the sun in a sesame seed-covered bun. Spear your adversaries with a pickle. This brings new meaning to the term, “food fight.”


All of the above pieces of Vanity Gear will be available in the Anniversary Update. Be on the lookout for more content coming in this update in the next few weeks!

Which set of new Vanity Gear are you looking forward to most? Let us know: