Milestone Bonuses

For a while now, we’ve had two high level goals as we design new content for Age of Empires Online.

  • Make the leveling process more rewarding
  • Try and promote playing multiple civilizations

Recently we removed passive bonuses (or Star Techs) from the Tech Tree. We really enjoy the concept, but found that they just didn’t fit well into the design of the Tech Tree. Today we’re announcing a new direction for passive bonuses in Age of Empires Online: Milestone Rewards.

Bonus Path

There are 5 Milestone levels, at 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40. As you level up and reach each Milestone level, you’ll be able to choose one of two specialized, passive techs. These techs are always active, have a variety of benefits, and can range from increasing your Cavalry health to decreasing Villager training time. Once chosen, the bonus will provide benefit on any non-PvP quests. And, unlike the tech tree, the decision is permanent – your choice will truly customize your civilization.

Milestone Tech

In addition, you can select one tech per civilization to be a ‘Global Bonus’ – meaning it will affect all other civilizations you play. Let’s use an example: you’re playing a level 20 Persian civilization, but you also have a level 40 Greek civilization and a level 18 Egyptian civilization. In this case, you can have up to 5 active bonuses: 3 from the civ you’re playing, and 1 from each other civilization. The active Global Bonus can be switched at any time.

Milestone Tree

Finally, we’re happy to announce that Milestone Rewards will be available as a free feature to all players - there is no purchase required to get these benefits. And for those players who are high level, you’ll retroactively unlock all of the Milestone Levels that you’ve already passed. Our hope is that Milestones will provide a meaningful benefit to those of you who enjoy leveling and playing multiple civilizations. Or, if you’ve only played one civilization, now you’ve got a reason to check the others out!

What do you think of the new Milestone Bonuses? Let us know: