The Mighty Egyptians: A Basic Playbook

The Egyptians have a powerful and cost effective army. However, they require a certain level management for their mighty potential to be realized.


The core of the Bronze Age (age 2) Egyptian army is its barracks units, which swarms the enemy when massed and allows you to complete quests and win PvP matches alike. The Spearman, Axeman, and Slinger cost very little and train very quickly, but they also die very easily. Because of this, it is important to make many production facilities so you can quickly reinforce your army.

  • Make a lot of barracks. Consider making 8 barracks before the Silver Age (age 3). It is not uncommon to build 14 or even 20 barracks.
  • Put all of your barracks on one hotkey by selecting all of them and holding CTRL + (a number). As your forces engage in battle, hit the number key and press the hotkey for the barracks unit you want to train: watch your reinforcements pour onto the battlefield. (Default hotkeys: “A” for Spearman; “S” for Axeman; “D” for Slinger.)
  • Research the Conditioning and Combined Arms from the barracks, which reduce the train time of Spearmen, Axemen, and Slingers.

Making so many units requires a strong economy. Luckily, the Egyptians can train Priestesses of Ra. Not only does empowering with Priestesses of Ra make your economy more efficient, but it also makes resources last longer. (For example, if empowered by a Priestess of Ra, a gold-mining villager will return 11 gold while only taking 10 gold out of the gold deposit.)

  • Use Priestesses of Ra to empower scarce resources like Gold, Stone, and berries.

Maximize the effect of your Priestesses by empowering drop-sites that many villagers return resources to. (One exception: don’t task more than 6 or 7 wood-chopping villagers to a single storehouse.)

  • Surround your Town Centers with farms and then empower with Priestesses.

If you need to reach the Silver Age to defeat your enemy, you’ll be happy to find War Elephants, which are ultra-powerful and have only three weaknesses: their slow train-time, anti-cavalry, and priests.

  • Make your War Elephants train faster by empowering Fortresses with Priestess of Ra.
  • Complement your War Elephant army with Chariot Archers to counter anti-cavalry and snipe priests.

With effective management of resources The Egyptian Civ will provide a powerful army just waiting for you to take command and destroy your enemies.

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