August 1st's Balance Team Challenge Participants Announced

Tomorrow, August 1st 2012, at 11am PDT we will again be broadcasting PvP matches live on our account, and you won’t want to miss it!

Why is tomorrow’s event so important, you say? Well that’s simple. Last time IamMRMILO came out to challenge the community he suffered his first loss…ever! Tomorrow he will be looking for his redemption!

If you see your name on the list below, be prepared!

  • King Eliran
  • TheMistaa
  • sKs Anxiety
  • Riqimaru
  • MamaLosi
  • Orktastic


  • Amunet the Wise
  • Ma7moud96
  • Marrgon

The stage is set! Are you ready? Even if you don’t see your name on the list, you should still tune in. Last time Milo played, he gave us one of the greatest shows ever. Plus, I will have a couple of surprises for you! Come see!

Do you think anyone will defeat Milo tomorrow?