Spectator Mode

Do you like to watch? If so, Spectator Mode is the feature you've been waiting for.

Available in the Anniversary Patch, Spectator Mode allows 1-3 players observe or "Spectate" 1v1 or 2v2 Arena matches.

The Spectator has full access to scouting, build queues, resources, and chat. It is intended to be used by players who are specifically invited to a Party for the purpose of Spectating.

Spectator Arena

Spectators are added via the Arena UI. Any players not added to an Arena match are Spectators. The party limit has been upped to 5 players to support this feature, meaning up to 3 players can spectate a 1v1, and 1 player can spectate a 2v2.

Spectator Arena

As the Spectator, you have an overview of the entire match. You can see all players, their scores, and everything about their resources and what they're building. Selecting any unit works exactly as it does as if it were your own, minus the whole "issue orders" feature. You can view unit health, see gear and queues, and set and use control groups to move around the map and focus on specific units.

Spectator Arena

Each player in the match has a UI that lets you see what they're doing, what resources they have, their build queues, how many idle workers they have, and their current age. These UIs can be minimized (if a player is eliminated early) and dragged around the screen.

If you click the shield, it takes you to that player's Town Center. If you click on any unit in the build queue, you go the factory producing that unit. The hovers for each resource show you the number of gatherers. The worker hover gives you all of the current population information.

Spectator Arena

The "Focus" UI lets you switch the perspective of the match from "Everyone," where all combined scouting is shown, to each player in the match. When you focus on one player, you can only see what that player can see.


A premium Civilization is required to launch an Arena match, but any free or premium player can be a Spectator. So cast away, people.

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