We're getting new forums and we need your help!

We got you a present! Now we need your help putting it together!

You may have noticed a while back a couple of threads talking about what you’d like to see in the forums. Little did you know, although our hinting was pretty evident, that we were already knee-deep in building a new iteration of the forums you have come to know and love.

I’m sure you’ve got a plethora of questions about the new forums that you’d like to ask, and we will get to those in due time. For now what we’re interested in is a ranking system. Since it’s your home just as much as ours, we’d like to know your opinion. We want to implement something more robust than just a post count. We want you to be able to show off your rank with pride. So, community, what type of ranking system would you like to see in this new iteration of the forums?

Right now we’ve got something that shows a progression as follows:

Top 500 Poster > Top 300 Poster > Top 200 Poster > Top 100 Poster > Top 75 Poster > Top 50 Poster > BIGTwinkle

With this new set of forums comes a new opportunity to make some changes. So how would you like ranks to look? Would you like them to be historically themed? Would you like to see them based on Age of Empires Online?

For example:

Villager>Scout>Spearman>Longswordsman>Slinger>Bowman>Woad Raider>Druid >Augur >Champion>Advisor >BIGTwinkle

Again, this is just an example, but it gives you something to strive for.

Have an idea that you’d like to see implemented for ranks? Share your thoughts here: