Get to know the Babylonians !

After the release of the Celts, the development team at Gas Powered Games felt that it was time to head back east. This time, the action would focus on the lands between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It was decided Babylon would be the next destination, giving GPG the chance to make a civ that really stood out from the others with several unique units, structures, and techs.

Mighty Babylon
Mighty Babylon

Babylon is a very economics focused civ. That doesn’t mean to say that they have a weak military, on the contrary. The Babylonians can definitely hold their own in a fight. Where they really shine is their ability to build a strong economy, and quickly. Many of the units, structures, and techs the Babylonians have will lend themselves to players wanting to build an economic juggernaut.

Babylon key units:

  • Ox Cart
  • Shield Bearer
  • Lancer
  • Siege Tower

Babylon exclusive structures:

  • Ziggurat
  • Garden
  • Clay Walls

If there was an MVP of the Babylonian civ, especially when it comes to showing off their strong economic potential, then it would be the Ox Cart. These are exclusive to the Babylonians and act as mobile Storehouses. Instead of continuously having to build Storehouses as your villagers move from resource to resource, you can move the Ox Cart to where your villagers are harvesting. This is an incredible time saver as they no longer have to carry the resources they have harvested to a storehouse that may be some distance away. It also saves the player a great deal of wood they would have used building Storehouses.

The Ox Cart
The Ox Cart makes gathering from Huntables easy and efficient.

Another unit unique to the Babylonians is the Shield Bearer. Like the Persian Sparabaras, Shield Bearers are great at absorbing large amounts of pierce damage; actually, they are even better. Watch out though, they are more susceptible to anti-infantry melee than many other units.

The Lancer is a good anti-infantry Cavalry unit that is made even better with their Champion tech upgrade that gives them a powerful charge, similar to the Celts Woad Raider.

Shield Bearers


Shield Bearers awaiting orders.

Lancers ready for battle.

When the Babylonian army is tasked with breaching enemy walls and destroying their structures, they can call upon the mighty Siege Tower to get the job done. Siege Towers have the ability to garrison units, granting it a powerful ranged attack. If this wasn’t cool enough, the units you garrison in the tower don’t have to be ranged units to give the Siege Tower a ranged attack.

Siege Towers in action.

Babylon has several structures that really make the civ stand out. One of these is the Ziggurat. In order to move from Age 1 to Age 2, you will be required to build a Ziggurat. Once this is done, advancing to Age 3 and Age 4 can be accessed through the structure. It is also used to build Priests, and you can research unique techs, like Pharmacology, which gives all military units 1 health regen per second.

The Babylonian Ziggurat.

Babylonians can also build Gardens, which are available starting in Age 2. Gardens speed up research and unit production times for the civ. You will be able to build 4 Gardens in Age 2, 3, and 4, for a total of 12. If you build all 12, you will see a marked improvement in research and unit production speeds. To top this all off, if you use the Ziggurat to research Cultivation, each Garden will also produce a trickle of food.

Gardens can be valuable assets.

Clay Walls are also a Babylon exclusive. Unlike other civs who can build walls in Age 1 using stone, Clay Walls are built using wood. This makes it much easier to get walls up quickly, but the trade-off is the Clay Walls are a bit weaker than other civs Age 1 walls.

Easy to build…and destroy.

These are just a few of the things that set Babylon apart from all the other civs. With even more unique tech and upgrades available, it will offer players a deep and rewarding gameplay experience.

Welcome to Babylon.

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