Fertile Crescent Booster Pack

We here at Gas Powered Games have put together the next great booster pack for Age of Empires Online. Here is what it has to offer:

The Fertile Crescent Booster Pack has new quests aimed at levels 20-30, with repeatable quests that scale all the way to level 40, all set in the Fertile Crescent region of ancient Mesopotamia. The region is rich with the history of ancient empires such as Persia and Babylon, and is known as the very cradle of civilization.

fertile crescent

Travel to exotic locales in search of mythical items!

“Legend has it that there is a hidden Temple of Isis near the ancient city of Sebennytos. In this temple is supposedly a vial of her tears, which we happen to need for the Elixir. The temple is likely to be heavily guarded, if it exists at all. If you find it, defeat these guardians and bring me the Tears of Isis.”

Undertake the most dangerous search in history to gather ingredients for a drink worthy of the gods in the Scavenger Hunt line of quests.

We wanted to give the players a series of quests that were not only different from anything we have done before, but also give a sense of the epic scope of the game by sending players all across the map to acquire these mythical items.

fertile crescent

Fight battles across the sands of ancient Media.

“Since the times of Cyrus, many dangerous men have come from the lands of Media. Makru is not the first, nor will he be the last.”

Makru, the Mad Median is causing trouble in the region. Through the Media line of quests, players will be tasked with stopping Makru’s bid for power, bringing peace and stability back to the region.

With Makru, we were able to create a mysterious figure that was working behind the scenes to try and take over Media, thus fracturing the Persian Empire.

fertile crescent

Visit the beautiful and deadly Tigris-Euphrates river delta to deal with a growing threat.

“Marauders, Marauders, Marauders! That's all I hear about all day! Why don't they plunder elsewhere? I mean, the pickings here are easy enough, but where's the challenge?”

In a series of quests issued by the Port Master, players will confront the vicious Marauders in an attempt to stop their raids along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Many of the quests the Port Master offers were so named to pay homage to American action movies of the 1980’s. Raiders of the Lost Market anyone?

fertile crescent

Come to the aid of allies in the foothills of Parthia.

“A group of wealthy landholders have taken up arms and a loyal Parthian Ally requests assistance in quelling this rebellion.”

Players will assist Parthia, an ally of Persia, in quelling a rebellion that threatens to engulf the region, in the Parthia line of quests.

The development team discussed back and forth on who would be the antagonists in the Parthia quest line. It was finally decided to use disgruntled, rich landholders who didn’t like the way their conquerors, the Persians, were running things.

fertile crescent

Practice your resource harvesting skills with the Ox Cart Mini-Game.

“The rainy season is over, and Gold is plentiful along the banks of the rivers. There's a place along the Tigris that's teeming with Gold.”

In the Ox Cart series of min-game quests, players will attempt to gather as much gold as they can using their trusty Ox Cart.

We have to admit, we love the Ox Cart. It was decided that we needed to make content that really highlighted it. Featuring it in a repeatable quest line where players gathered resources to store in it seemed like the way to go, especially when it is gold being gathered.

fertile crescent

Gaze in wonder at the engineering marvels of the ancient world!

“Alright recruit, the plan is simple, we are going to bring discipline and a sense of purpose to the people of Susa, we are going to build a monument to the majesty of Babylon, a Wonder.”

Inspire the people of Susa by building the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the Susa series of quests.

A series of quests to highlight the Hanging Gardens, a historical icon, was a perfect way to give players a real sense of accomplishment once they completed the wonder

fertile crescent

We know that people have different play styles, yet also like to quest together. That is why we included many role-specific co-op quests in the Fertile Crescent Booster Pack. For example, in the Parthia line of quests, two players can take on the Parthian landholders, using their different play styles to defeat them.

fertile crescent

When you can’t find a co-op partner to quest with, the Fertile Crescent Booster Pack also offers new quests with AI allies, like the Median Mayhem quest, where the player battles the Mad Median with the aid of a Babylonian ally.

fertile crescent

Everyone will also get the chance to try out the new and improved Siege Tower. This isn’t your father’s Siege Tower (if your father happens to be an Egyptian Pharaoh lived over 2,500 years ago). This one happens to not only knock down walls and buildings, but it also acts as a mobile troop carrier that can fire arrows!

Available in the Anniversary Patch

All repeatable quests in the Fertile Crescent Booster Pack use the new quest rewards system, giving players level appropriate rewards for completing quests up to level 40.

fertile crescent

The Fertile Crescent Booster Pack will also boast over 30 new quests and will be available with the Anniversary Patch.

Prepare yourself for an epic series of adventures across the ancient lands of the Fertile Crescent this August.

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