Ask a Dev! - Anniversary Update

Hello everyone, and welcome to our latest installment of “Ask a Dev!”

We’ve wrangled GPG Steve into a chair in front of his computer to answer question for you about the Anniversary Update. There will also be a couple more GPG representatives here to tackle your inquiries!

Should you feel so compelled, pop into the forums and ask GPG your questions about the Anniversary update, the Fertile Crescent Booster Pack, the Babylonians, Vanity Gear, or the reasoning behind some of the changes that are coming today.

While any question is welcomed, there are a few things we simply cannot answer:

  • There is some information we are not going to share
    • Want to ask us what the next Civ is? That is something we are not going to be talking about. (Come on, the Babylonians just released!)
  • There are some things we cannot share due to business constraints.
    • Want to know how much money we are making per civ? Sorry, we simply cannot reveal that information.

So, what can you expect an answer for?

  • Want to know why a civ was not adjusted in the latest Update? Ask away!
  • Want to know how we decided on the Babylonians? Ask away!
  • Want to know more about the changes made to certain units? Ask away!
  • What to know why one feature was given priority over another? Yep, ask away!

The thread will remain open for discussion for the duration of the day. During that time, GPG may not get to every question, but from what I’ve seen from other Ask a Dev sessions, they most certainly do their best.

Alright, well let’s get to it. If you have a question for GPG ask it here: