Balance Team Participants 8/22

We’ve reached into the depths and pulled a handful of names to take on the Balance Team. Check out the soon-to-be victims!

After a week off to launch the Babylonians, our Balance Team is ready to tackle the monumental task of battling the community once again.

Sign-ups have finished and we once again have a list of brave souls ready to duke it out with the big men on campus!

  • sks IAmsoldier
  • arkaram
  • Eracko
  • Gallahazzar
  • TheMistaa


  • OrkTastic
  • o DuhGaNgSTuH o

If you see your name listed above, be ready tomorrow morning at about 10:45 am PDT. We will begin patrolling the Marathon server making sure everyone is good to go.

For those of you who don’t know, our Balance Challenges are held nearly every Wednesday starting at 11am PDT, & streamed live on our page for all to enjoy. Should the participants challenging our Balance Team win, they will be rewarded with a hefty sum of 900 EP as well as a forum tag depicting them victorious. Should they lose, however, they receive only 100 EP, and a victim tag to wear around!

Tune in tomorrow for the action! Who do you think will win out of the list of participants?