Results From August 22nd's Balance Team Challenge

. . . A Balance Challenge review by BIGTwinkle. Date: August 23, 2012. Score: 1

I really don’t want to say this but I have to now. This game is so easy! I mean all you do is hit the spacebar…that’s it!!! Well, of course my silly and incorrect perceptions are totally wrong. You have to use all sorts of keys that I had no clue existed until recently. Maybe that’s why I’m not in the Balance Challenges and people like IamSTEVEHOLT are. Seriously though, Twinkle-Mode needs to be created, and all I should have to do is press the spacebar to contrail all the things!

Personal issues aside, we have another Balance Challenge to go over, and the first in two weeks’ time! I’m sure you all missed the sultry sounds of my writing as much as the ocean misses water. I’ll take it as a compliment!

This week we featured IamSTEVEHOLT taking on multiple people while special guests Noc and Ghostfall commentated the entire affair!

The first match of the day was not a pretty one for our team. Protip: if you’re facing IamSTEVEHOLT, your best bet is to be his first match of the day. IamSoldier was fortunate enough to be the first challenger, and managed to sneak out a win in dramatic fashion.

The next event pitted Arkaram against our Balance Team, but by this point IamSTEVEHOLT was functioning like a well-oiled machine, taking down his opponent without so much as breaking a sweat.

Making his debut to the Balance Challenge was Eracko, and while he wasn’t able to squeak out a victory, much exposure was gained, and we would love to have you back anytime!

Gallahazzar tried to best our Balance Team, but was thwarted like the previous two challengers before him. Of course, being in the spotlight is new to some people, so we’re not going to judge too much, but I expect to see him back in future challenges a tad better prepared!

The final match of the day put IamSTEVEHOLT against someone who’s becoming a somewhat familiar face around these parts, TheMistaa! For the third straight week TheMistaa was able to defeat our Balance Team and I think we’re going to have to work on beating him from here on out. I’m pretty sure Twinkle-Mode would take care of that!

Instead of spotlighting one person in the recap video, I’ve embedded the entire challenge for you all to watch! Listen to the words of Noc and Ghostfall carefully and you just may learn a thing or two about the PvP side of the game!

Until next week…

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