PAX Prime 2012

PAX Prime is around the corner, and we will be there to hand out all sorts of Age of Empires Online goodies. Will you be around, too?

We mentioned last week that we would be in attendance at PAX Prime and we just thought you should get a little reminder. Should you venture to Seattle, WA this weekend and happen to find yourself in the Convention Center, make sure you hunt us down!

Multiple representatives from both Microsoft and Gas Powered Games will be in attendance and ready to schmooze with you! Even better, we are teaming up with the wonderful team over at PlayXBLA to bring you even more fun.

Friday the 31st at 5:45 PM we will be taking over the Westlake Center Plaza to bring you a co-op tweetup! Should you feel so compelled, (you should), head on over to the meeting area to meet members of the GPG team, Microsoft, as well as the PlayXBLA folks. We’ll laugh, we’ll talk, and you may even walk away with some cool swag!

Make sure that you’re following all teams on Twitter as most of our updates will come in rapid fire succession! We hope to see you all there!

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