August 29th's Balance Challenge Participants Announced!

Feel the rhythm. Feel the rhyme. Get on up! It’s Balance Challenge time!

I have in my email inbox a list of names. These names were the few brave souls who decided to sign up to take on our Balance Team in tomorrow’s play date. They were picked, and now they must prepare.

Tomorrow, Wednesday August 29th at 11 am PDT, we will be streaming a set of PvP contests on our stream. On one side will be Noc154, our newly re-appointed Balance Team lead. Opposing him will be the following people:

  • MXXC111
  • sG Samwise12
  • IBubbleI
  • Optimal Acorn
  • Br0th3r L0ui3


  • lyingcookie2
  • amFarmer1
  • TheMistaa

If you see your name be ready about 15 minutes before tomorrow’s festivities start. If you’re not on the list you can still join in with the rest of us to enjoy the show. I will, like always, be (pa)trolling the chat cracking a joke or two. I promise, you’ll have fun!

I’m taking bets – I’ve got Noc154 going 5 for 5? Who do you have your imaginary money on: