Balance Team Challenge Participants for September 12th, 2012

Practice. Practice. Practice. We’re talking about practice. Practice is the only thing that will give you a shot at taking down our Balance Team, so make sure you remember, we’re talking about practice.

The Balance Team has selected challengers for tomorrow’s Balance Team Challenge streaming live on at 11 am PDT. Check the below list to see if you will be participating:

  • Miomaar
  • Arkaram
  • Azadazzu
  • Isengard03
  • CensingHorizon + StreamyPilot3 (2v2)


  • TheMistaa
  • Zerton55
  • Random 2v2 players

Well, the above names are primed and ready to go. Hopefully they have enough time to practice so that they don’t falter in the spotlight, but we shall see come the morning. If you don’t see your name, fear not, you will still have a shot at the last 2v2 match provided players don’t show, so make sure to hang around the chat and you could still be picked to play!

So we’ve got the details down, right?


See you there!

Who do you think will win during tomorrow’s Balance Team Challenge? Let us know here: