TheGameDiplomat - Podcast #1 - Skirmish Rush

In an ongoing effort to bring you more community-related highlights, we want to take this time to showcase a podcast by one of our esteemed members, TheGameDiplomat. Check out what he has to say here:

Hey everyone,
Last week,
I asked you all for feedback on my idea for an AOEO podcast and you gave me some great ideas and support. Thanks again, and I'm happy to say that the first episode of the Rush Tactics podcast is now live!
Download Rush Tactics #1 — Skirmish Rush

Rush Tactics is focused on being quick (15 minutes) and discussing/trying out one new strategy, build order, or quest guide every week. Our goal isn't to be perfect or make you into a hyper-hardcore player. Instead, we want to help you find new aspects of the game that you can enjoy, and get better at the parts you're already playing. We'll always include as much detailed analysis and tips as we can (I love min-max and theorycrafting), but that intense analytical stuff will mostly be kept off of the audio podcast itself.

In addition to the audio podcast, we produce a video of us trying out the strategy we're discussing and a full text-article breakdown of the steps, build orders, and all that detaily goodness. We hope those will serve as a good companion to the podcast, and a useful reference for when you try out that week's tactic yourself.

We want to know what you think! I'd really appreciate you giving our first episode a listen and sending us your feedback here or on the blog :)
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