New Support Process

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, we’ve made a little change in how we’re handling support issues around here.  Instead of taking requests by email, we’ve introduced a ticketing system.  The main idea here, is to help us handle your issues better. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • No more cases getting lost in the shuffle - “I thought you were doing that one?” “No, I though YOU had it?” – the system will track who is handling which cases, so there’s no confusion.
  • We’ll be able to see a whole case history, so we won’t ask you to try something you already mentioned 2 emails ago.
  • We’ll be able to see trends and emerging issues better (server outages, purchase issues, etc.)
  • We’ll be able to address simple questions more quickly, allowing us more time to focus on bigger issues.

So what does this mean for you? Well, as I already said, you’ll need to submit a ticket for any issues, rather than emailing us.  You can find the form at (for our Spanish community, you can use the following link:  Once submitted, you’ll get a confirmation email that your request has been received, along with an FAQ for similar issues.  We’ll be updating this as we go, so if for example, we discover that a quest is bugged, we’ll add it here along with any steps you can take to remedy the situation.  If that FAQ doesn’t address your issue, just let us know by replying to that email, and we’ll take a closer look!

Before opening a ticket, don’t forget to look at our common issues list here:

Have any more questions? Any feedback about this tool? We’re listening here: