Free Code Giveaway - September 19th

Guess who’s back, back again? Twinkle’s back! Tell a friend…

As if you couldn’t tell, I am back. It’s not as if I left for some extended period of time, but regardless, I am here with another contest for you!

Below is a picture, a picture of a Persian quest giver. What exactly this quest giver is saying is a mystery that you must solve. Caption the picture and on Saturday I will hand pick 10 winners to receive 900 Empire Points to purchase a civilization of their choosing.

I will also randomly draw 20 other names to receive a code for either a Glorious Gardening or Bountiful Bushes Empire Extra! Deal? Good! Let’s get to it!

Persian Quest Giver

Caption the above picture, and post your entries in this thread to be entered to win. Please, one entry per person!