Autumn Update

Ave, all!

Now that we are well on the other side of the end of Summer, as well as out of the shadow of our one-year anniversary, we can talk about our next update: the Autumn Update.

In this blog update, I am going to talk briefly about many of the excellent new features and options coming in the Autumn Update. Just as before, I am not going into details in this post; more information will be coming in upcoming blog posts, forum threads, and other media. Also, not everything that will be coming in the Autumn Update will be mentioned in this post. We will reveal more of it over the next month.

Now, this kind of transparency—where we tell you what’s coming, but spread out over time—makes some of you angry. You would prefer that I give you a massive blog containing all the information about the next update right now. Why don’t we do that?

Many types of people play AOEO, and therefore many types of people come to the AOEO forums. Some of you come here every day, and even multiple times a day. That’s great, and we thank you for doing so. (We do it too!) But you will consume all the blog posts and other content much faster than we can generate them. No matter what, you high-intensity players will discuss and think about the new features so much that you will become bored with them before they can arrive. By doling out the information in measured amounts, we can prevent some of the information burnout. It also allows breathing space for discussion of each new feature; not cramming them all into one giant burrito and making you eat it all at once. Players who visit the forums less often can still get all the information, and players who never come here . . . well, they miss out.

The Autumn Update will include a new Pro Civilization. Pro Civilizations begin at Level 20, and do not have quest content associated with the Premium Civilizations. When this new civ is released, AOEO will have three Pro civs (Persian, Babylonian, and … Tobies), and three Premium civs (Greeks, Egyptians and Celts). As with the Babylonians, we are not announcing their identities right now, but will before they are released.

The Autumn Update will include a new Booster—a Quest Pack. Our previous quest pack, the Fertile Crescent focused on content for civ levels 20-30, to provide an alternative for Argos. This new pack, however, is intended for all civilizations level 20 and above, and will include new legendary quests for Level 40 civs. Most will also support co-op gameplay. Find out more about the new Quest Pack on October 12th.

A new class of consumables are coming, called City Consumables. These consumables affect your civilization overall, rather than short-term gains in a mission. We will post more information about them on September 28.

Elite Mode is receiving a significant overhaul. Previously, Elite mode on many quests was just a matter of arbitrarily making the enemies bigger and more sparkly. That is being changed to give players more of a well-designed challenge. More information will be posted on October 5.

If you like to analyze your play, or the play of others, to get better, it’s always helpful to have solid data. On October 12, you can hear more about Quest Stats. And don’t worry, PVP players—stats are included for PVP and other modes besides standard quests.

More is coming later as well. For example, we’ll be adding even more vanity to the mix, including some very special limited vanity. Stay tuned to these forums, plus our Twitter feed and Facebook pages. We might even drop a hint or two on our Twitch stream as well.

Thanks for playing!

AOEO Trajan

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