Coming with the Autumn Update: City Consumables

We have gotten a great deal of positive feedback from players regarding the “nuclear” consumables. We thought to ourselves “why not take it one step further?” As a result, we will be including a new set of consumables in the next update called “City Consumables”.

So what exactly are City Consumables? Well, they are as straight forward as they sound. When you buy one of these consumables, and use it in your Capital City, you will immediately reap the reward that it offers.

Right-clicking on a City Consumable in your inventory will activate it, appearing as an icon in the upper left portion of the screen. All six City Consumables can be active at once. Placing the cursor over each icon will bring up a description of the consumable; along with a countdown timer showing the player how much time the consumable has remaining until expiring.

Players will also be able to hide the City Consumables bar off screen by clicking on the arrow key attached to it.


Babylonian civ with all six City Consumables active

Here is a list of the City Consumables and what each of them offers:


Luck of the Empire increases the quality of items that you find in treasure chests.

Duration: 24 hours


Wisdom of the Empire increases the Experience gained from quests by 50%.

Duration: 24 hours


Riches of the Empire increases the Coin gained from quests by 50%.

Duration: 24 hours


Production of the Empire increases Workshop production rates by 25%.

Duration: 72 hours


Proficiency of the Empire increases effectiveness of crafted items by 5% and reduces crafted item material cost by 10%.

Duration: 24 hours


Wisdom of the Alliance increases Alliance Points earned from quests by 25%. You must be in an alliance to use this consumable.

Duration: 48 hours

Bonuses are specific to each city, and durations on each consumable are from the time of use. Consumables can be stacked, increasing their duration times.

Keep an eye out for the new City Consumables. Coming soon to an Empire Store near you!

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