Coming with the Autumn Update: Quest Stats

Cut through the fog of war and improve your battle strategy by viewing a detailed record of your statistics and those of your opponents and allies with the Quest Stats feature.


Quest Stats are available for viewing at the end of all quests and PvP, Skirmish, and Defense of Crete matches. They show lots of numbers, some graphs, and strings of scrollable icons with timestamps. Confused? Here's some more info on what that all means.



Quest stats are accessed by clicking on the notification that appears at the end of the match. It opens up the UI that defaults to the Timeline tab.



One of the keys to the Age of Empires post-quest experience are the bar graphs that show your stats over the course of each quest, keyed to time.

You can view multiple stats, over time, including Score; Units Trained (broken out to type); Idle Villagers, Current Population (broken out by type); and Total and Current Resources (broken out individually).

Each player's graph highlights on hovering over their name, and each can be toggled off and on for detailed side-by-side analysis.

Build Order


This is a new feature for the Age of Empires series. The Build Order shows every unit and tech built during the match for every player, with a timestamp. This will allow players to study their opponent's initial strategies.

Stats Tabs


The other three tabs of the UI displays raw numbers related to Resources, Economy, and Military. The final Score is shown on all three tabs.

The Resources tab shows:

  • All Resources Gathered
  • Food Gathered
  • Wood Gathered
  • Gold Gathered
  • Stone Gathered

The Economy tab shows:

  • Villagers
  • Units
  • Buildings
  • Techs
  • Resources Tributed

The Military tab shows:

  • Units Trained
  • Units Lost
  • Units Killed
  • Buildings Constructed
  • Buildings Lost
  • Buildings Destroyed

Who Gets Stats?

Quest Stats show for all human players, but not for AI. The exception is Skirmish, which shows AI and human players.

So there you have it. Numbers. Graphs. Analyze, compare, and discuss at your leisure.

Which stats are you going to be most interested in? Share your thoughts here: