Attack of the new civ!

When it came time to decide what civilization was going to follow the Babylonians, the development team at GPG felt it was important that the next civ offer a completely new look and feel. Gone were the hot sands and humid river deltas of ancient Mesopotamia, replaced instead with the cold winds and frigid waters of Northern Europe.

The Norse

Welcome to the lands of the Norse

Offense is the name of the game for the Norse. Controlling the map and overwhelming the enemy is made much easier with the unique construction ability of the infantry. This allows the Norse to launch sustained attacks from anywhere on the map. This also allows villagers to concentrate on gathering resources, rather than building factories.

To further strengthen their war machine, the Norse also excel at intelligence gathering. Not only are they able to build Outposts with their Infantry, but they also start with two Scouts, as well as wield powerful Seers that can summon Ravens to temporarily fly around the map and scout the enemy’s base.

Norse key units:

  • Throwing Axeman
  • Berserker
  • War Dog
  • Seer
  • Chief
  • Raider

Norse unique structures:

  • Longhouse
  • Outpost

Norse Infantry

Norse Infantry love to fight….and build too!

Briefly mentioned above, the feature that really sets the Norse apart from other civs is the ability of the infantry to build structures. Norse Infantry can build factories to resupply forces, and defensive structures to protect them as they fight their way toward enemy bases. This feature makes the Norse a particularly aggressive and formidable opponent.

Throwing Axemen

Throwing Axemen awaiting orders

The Throwing Axeman is a short-range anti-infantry unit, great at dealing large amounts of (non-pierce) melee damage. These units throw their axes a short distance, emphasizing damage over range.


Berserker ready for a fight

When it comes to iconic units, none are much more recognizable to a specific civ than the Norse Berserker. These terrifying warriors (who historically fought and behaved like bears) are extremely powerful, inflict high damage in a large area, and have high health. The devastating power of the Berserker is only offset by the cost of producing it, which is considerable.

War Dogs

Nice doggie? Not quite…

The War Dog is a cheaply produced mobile harassment unit with high snare. The War Dog does particularly well at chasing down retreating enemies.



Raven scouting the enemy


One of the more unique units for the Norse is the Seer. In the form of an old woman, the Seer is a priest unit with the ability to summon a raven that can temporarily explore the map and gather valuable intel.

The Chief

The Chief with his bonus health aura

The Chief provides bonus health to nearby friendly units. The health bonus appears as a visible aura effect that also appears on affected friendly units. Only one Chief unit can exist at a time.

Norse Raider units are the first one population cavalry unit introduced to AOEO. Their single population cost allows them to be a more disposable and effective frontline meat shield.

The Longhouse

The Longhouse

Along with units, the Norse are also able to construct several unique buildings. The first of these is the Longhouse. This structure provides 10 population, versus the standard house, which provides 5. It can also function as a garrison for Villagers.

Norse Outpost

Norse Outpost

The Outpost is the Norse answer to the Watch Tower, providing line-of-sight as well as training War Dogs. Outposts provide the Norse with even more offensive advantage, acting not only as early warning against oncoming enemy attack, but also able to produce units to constantly harass hostile forces.

Burning Pitch

Burning Pitch can ruin anyone’s day

Norse Fortresses are also able to research Burning Pitch, a new tech exclusive to the civ. Once research is complete, Fortresses can shoot fire arrows at enemy units that deal damage over time.

Norse in Action

The Norse war machine in action

The Norse Pro Civ offers up to players a unique and rewarding gameplay experience, especially for those who like going on the offensive from the start. Take the fight to the enemy, early and often.

Storm into battle with the Norse later this month.

Want to see them in action? Check out the video on our channel

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