Invasion from the North!

Gas Powered Games has always tried to make unique booster packs. The Defense of Crete introduced players to a game mode of defending against wave after wave of attackers, and The Fertile Crescent presented more of a story-centered game experience.

Northern Hold

Greetings from the Northern Hold

For the Northern Invasion, the next booster pack, we wanted to combine a unique gameplay experience with an engaging story.


Northern Invasion starts in Northern Europe around 200-100 BC. A charismatic, albeit insane, Norse War Leader has appeared to stir up trouble for his people which threatens to spill over into the rest of Europe. All that stands in his way is a small band of freedom fighters led by a Norse Chief named Vemundr. A veteran of many battles, Vemundr towers over mortal men. Found in many a hall in the north, around warm, inviting hearths, bards weave epic sagas of the warrior clad in white wolf hides. Into battle he charges, snatching victory from certain defeat almost single-handedly.


Vemundr is the hero of the story

Players will be introduced to Vemundr very early on in the booster, asking them to aide in the struggle against the forces that threaten to engulf the world in war. For the first time, players will have the opportunity to control a Hero unit with abilities that can be upgraded over the course of a mission. This helps to further immerse players in the story unfolding before them. While not playable in all missions, the Hero unit is a key element to bringing the story to life.


City Defense

Victory Tower

Captured Victory Towers must be defended

Many of the new quests in Northern Invasion involve the new game mode called City Defense. It can be played solo or cooperatively with a friend.

Many of City Defense quests takes place in familiar settings. The primary goal is to reach a set amount of Victory Points before the AI opponent does by capturing and holding key locations throughout the city.

 Victory Points

Earning enough Victory Points to win takes careful planning

Victory Points are accrued when the player controls these locations, called Victory Towers, which must be captured by Vemundr himself. The longer a Victory Tower is held, the more Victory Points are gained. When Victory Towers are captured they also become defensive structures by providing light ranged attack. Control of a Victory Tower is lost when a player does not have any units in the area of the tower and the enemy does.

Training Camp

Troops from the Training Camp are essential to achieving victory

Vemundr can’t do it all himself. Players will be able to build units at the Training Camp, assisting Vemundr in capturing Victory Towers and then holding them against enemy assault. Building support

units for Vemundr takes gold, gold that can be earned by capturing and holding Treasuries. These locations scattered throughout the city provide players with gold, the longer they are held the more gold they supply.


Capturing and holding Treasuries supply much needed gold for troops and upgrades

The training roster is comprised of three distinct units from the civilization you are playing and two unique units.  The player can spend additional gold to research upgrades for these units. These units can help the hero capture and hold Victory Towers and Treasuries.


Gold can also be used to improve Vemundr himself.  Vemundr has two activated abilities and two passive upgrades that can be purchased.  Each of these significantly improves Vemundr with the potential to engage and defeat large armies by himself.

This new City Defense mode plays quickly and provides players with choices to focus on the hero or train an army.

The horn of battle has sounded. Pick up a sword and prepare for the Northern Invasion later this month.

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