Notes on the Autumn Update

The notes for the new update are here! Read all about the upcoming additions and changes.

Major Features

Now Available: Norse Pro Civilization

Go on the offensive with the mighty Norse!

This new Pro Civilization from the north excels at launching powerful attacks with their unique ability to construct Buildings with their Infantry. Their aggressive play-style is further reinforced by their powerful scouting tools, including two Scouts and Seers that can summon Ravens to temporarily fly around the map and view the enemy's base.

Head straight into battle at level 20 with other units like the Throwing Axemen, Berserker, and War Dog. Get immediate access to Rare and Epic gear, Advisors, and Champion PvP; increase your Capital City warehouse storage; get more Workshops; and receive Coin when other players buy from your stores.

The Norse are perfect for PvPers and those who want to rush to the Alliance Wars.

Read the “Attack of the new civ!” blog post here:

Now Available: Northern Invasion Booster

Looking for even more quests?

The Northern Invasion Booster offers over 25 all-new quests for level 20 cities and beyond, plus a heaping dose of repeatable quests and mini-games with valuable rewards all the way to level 40.

In the ancient world, the most northern lands of Europe were a frontier inhabited by a wide variety of people including the Norse, the Teutons, the Celts, and other ancient Germanic tribes. Climate change forced the Norse people to move south to stay alive, causing conflict, culture blending, and sharing of technologies.

Take part in the conflict today!

Read the “Invasion from the North!” blog post here:

New Feature: City Consumables

We've added a new type of consumable: City Consumables. Used in your Capital, these consumables will provide a variety of bonuses, such as increased Experience, Coin, and improved loot.

All six are available now at your Empire Store.

Read the “Coming with the Autumn Update: City Consumables” blog post here:

New Feature: Quest Stats

Cut through the fog of war and improve your strategy by viewing a detailed record of both ally and enemy statistics at the end of each mission.

Quest Stats are available for viewing at the end of all quests and PvP, Skirmish, and Defense of Crete matches. They show lots of numbers, some graphs, and strings of scrollable icons with timestamps. Confused? Read the blog for more info:

Read the “Coming with the Autumn Update: Quest Stats” blog post here:

Now Available: New Legendary Quests

Four new legendary quests have been added to Argos. Enjoy the challenges, and the rewards. These new quests are legendary versions of:

  • “Cataclysm”
  • “Rescue Mission”
  • “You Complete Me”
  • “Left With No Choice”

There is also one additional Legendary in the new Northern Invasion booster.

Now Available: Halloween Vanity!

Celebrate the season with limited time seasonal vanity! Purchase the “Haunted Warehouse” and add 24 slots of storage to your capitol city, or add “The Ghoulish Graveyard” to spook up the place.

Read the blog with more details here:

PvP and Skirmish Hall Updates

  • The Babylonian environment has been enabled.
  • A brand new Arena/Skirmish hall map “Great Lake” has been added.
  • Added 4 Skirmish Hall maps to the Arena Rotation based off of player feedback. These maps are:
    • “Wetlands”
    • “Mountain Crossing”
    • “Woodland Maze”
    • “Swamp Pass”
  • Feedback from the balance team has been incorporated in updates to a number of the core PvP and Skirmish maps. Affected maps:
    • “Swamp Pass”
    • “Wetlands”
    • “Mountain Crossing”
    • “Woodland Maze”
    • “Oasis”
    • “Black Forest”
    • “Treasure Island”
    • “Big Island”
    • “Sheltered Pass”
  • Skirmish AP rewards have been adjusted.

Repeatable Quest Improvements

In this update we implemented the second phase of our repeatable quest improvements. Now all repeatable quests give more standardized rewards across the board.

Along with this we have implemented a change to how elite mode works. No longer can you attempt elite versions of all quests, instead we now have two difficulty modes just for repeatable quests. You can attempt the “normal” difficulty which is similar to what you have been playing now, additionally we now have the “elite” difficulty which has hand tuned difficulty adjustments to allow for a much more interesting and engaging experience. We have also gone in and custom tuned rewards for each elite version to be much more impactful.

The intent of this change is to make sure that the normal versions of repeatable quests are beatable by a wider audience, while for those who like that challenge can jump into the elite versions and get rewards that match their efforts. We will of course always been looking at quest completions to make sure that there are not any outliers that are too difficult.

Read the blog post "Coming with the Autumn Update: Elite Quest Re-Design" here:

Additional Quest Updates

  • We have added a set of challenge quests in the Sparta Region – test your skills at ramping up, how fast are you really?
  • There are now many quests on the path from 1-20 that give choice consumable rewards.
  • Repeatable quests, global quests, and most Challenge quests now all use scaling rewards.
  • PvP and Skirmish invitation quests are now Auto-Granted (“Sparta!” and “Skirmish Awaits!”)
  • A few one-time quests have had Quest Level, chest count, XP, and Coin adjustments
    • Chest counts have been increased to avoid having too many quests in a row where players do not have a chance to earn gear
    • Quest Levels were only minimally adjusted to better match expected player levels for a given quest progression
    • NOTE: These changes mainly affected Troy and Nubian quests, which tend to be more difficult in part because of gear-starved players, and miss-matched quest levels
  • Quests now display a recommended level that is color-coded to suggest difficulty – these colors are forced for a few specific quest types:
    • Elite and Legendary quests are now forced to display Orange
    • More challenging repeatable quests that unlock above level 20 are now forced to display Yellow
  • The Fertile Crescent Booster Pack is now more accessible:
  • We added an alternate starting quest, “Helping Babylon” which allows players who own the booster to begin immediately even if they get to Babylon via the quest, “Meet the Babylonians” – which is the pro-civ demo invitation quest.
  • Although level 20 is still recommended, the booster no longer requires being level 20 before booster owners can begin the experience.
  • Obsolete quests have been rendered inactive:
    • All versions of the Argos quests, “The Golden Age” are now inactive.
    • The Greek quest, “The Silver Age” is now inactive, and the side quest, “A Few Good Men” now is used on the main path in its place
    • For players with these quests accepted but not yet completed, they will show as “Oops!” quests that can be turned in immediately for nominal Coin.
  • The following quests now include text to suggest co-op play:
    • (Greece) "Kill the Docks"
    • (Greece) "Rallying at the Temples"
    • (Greece) "What an Egomaniac"
    • (Egypt) "Giants Fell One by One"
    • (Egypt) "It's a Free-for-All"
    • (Fertile Crescent) "The Marauders Strike Back"
    • (Fertile Crescent) "Red Dawn"

      Quest Difficulty Repairs

      Tuning changes have been done to the following quests, generally reducing difficulty:

      • (Greece) "Horsing Around"
      • (Greece) "Kill the Docks"
      • (Greece) "What an Egomaniac"
      • (Greece) "Rallying at the Temples"
      • (Egypt) "Sandstorm!"
      • (Egypt) "It's a Free-for-All"
      • (Egypt) "Giants Fell One by One"
      • (Egypt) "The Fishin' Hole"
      • (Celts) "Treachery!"
      • (Celts) "The Heat of the Night"
      • (Celts) "Celtic Combat"
      • (Celts) "Sink or Swim"
      • (Celts) "Popping Up"
      • (Celts) "Wonderful!"
      • (Persia) "Under Pressure"
      • (Persia) "Gate of All Nations"
      • (Babylon) "Natural Expansion"
      • (Babylon) "Sanctuary of Amytis"
      • (Cyprus) "Recapturing Tamassos"
      • (Misc) "Good Ol' Peepaw"

      Misc. Changes

      • We've removed all Faction Point currencies from the game (Sparta, Crete, Mycenae, Nubia, etc.). For more on why this was done, please check out our blog on this topic:
      • The Arena is now free for all players. Set up 1-4 player PvP matches, with Spectators, with no rewards. New players should visit Sparta to pick up the building that's used to access the UI, and for those who have one and haven't purchased a civ (yet)… enjoy!
      • Tweaked the Standard PvP matchmaking to stop at a 10-level gap, and to wait longer at each level under that 10-level gap to find a better match. This should help with some low-level mismatches, at a cost of longer waits if few people of your general level are matching.
      • Reduced the drop chance of Vanity Tickets by 50%.
      • Sell cost of Uncommon Craft Recipes reduced from 50 to 40 coin.
      • Line-of-sight stat on gear is now visible in all cases; line-of-sight has been removed from many new pieces of equipment (old gear remains unchanged). You can find more information on the changes made to the LOS here:  
      • Improved Healer AI, so they no longer prioritize healing over other activities, improving their effectiveness. Other improvements to units with area-of-effect healing so they no longer try to move (and fail) before healing when in range.
      • Mobile garrison units (Babylonian Siege Tower) now eject units nearby if you click within a radius that doesn't require them to move.


      • Added a UI to the Capital City that shows your active City Consumables.
      • Added a shortcut in the Capital City UI to the Empire Store, next to the Empire Point display, which makes it accessible at all times and in all regions.
      • Tweaked the Store UI to show number of items in a stack next to the item name, and it's now showing gear type, school for recipe, age for consumable, and excluding some of that same info for materials and blueprints as it's not relevant.
      • Added Vanity Island travel shortcut to Vanity tab in the Gear Hall
      • The Sparta PvP UI now defaults to Champion mode if you're a premium player. The descriptions for Standard and Champion mode have also been reworded.
      • The Alliance Point display in the Alliance Wars UI will now show in red if you do not have enough points to qualify for Empire Point rewards. The hover text for the AP display will show you the amount of AP you need to qualify for rewards. On the Archive tab, a similar hover will appear if you earn 0 Empire Points, to explain that you didn't have enough AP to qualify for rewards. This will hopefully help with some of the confusion about why and how you get EP rewards.
      • For level 40 players, we removed XP displays from the XP bar, quest rewards, and the ticker notification on quest completion. Since XP has no meaning at the level cap, you'll no longer keep being reminded that it has no meaning.
      • Added scrollbars to Milestone and Alliance Wars UIs to support more civs.
      • Spectators no longer have the "skull" enemy icon.
      • Added "Send Mail" to the right-click context menu for player names in chat.
      • To address some issues with parties of more than 2 players and co-op, you now have to select the "Co-Op" button in a quest to play it cooperatively. Previously, it defaulted to "On" if you were in a party and the quest could be played cooperatively, but you had to toggle the button on and off if you wanted to choose a different player in your party as your co-op partner.
      • The "Hide Chat," "Hide Party," and "Hide Quest Objectives" buttons now remember their previous setting. So no more setting the chat state every time you enter a region or quest. It's the little things that matter most.
      • Material recipes will now be tinted red if they're unusable.

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed an issue that caused the Skirmish AI to stop producing units on subsequent matches after the player leaves a Skirmish match.
      • Issues related to Milestone Rewards not displaying correctly or appearing to reset have been addressed.
      • Addressed a lock-up that occurred if you logged out of Games for Windows Live while purchasing something in Steam.
      • Fixed an issue with Special Ability: Elixir of Vision that caused unexplored areas to be revealed in new and interesting (albeit unintended) ways.
      • Fixed an issue with the Milestone Bonus "Surplus" and how it worked on co-op quests.
      • Fix for rounding error with Words of Imhotep Alliance Bonus and its tooltip in city defense quests.
      • Fix for crafted items in Mail showing different stats than in your inventory.
      • The quest "Trade for Giza Limestone" will fail when the ship is destroyed.
      • Fixed a number of bugs related to secondary objectives that caused them to fail to complete.
      • Addressed an issue where posting to the LFG channel could cause the Party system to break.
      • Hitpoint values are now properly updated when you cycle between different selected units.
      • The Fungus Tree on the "Lost Island of King Tusk" will no longer appear as a guardian. It was weird.
      • Fix for a crash in the eighth port in the "Trade for Mosaic Tile" quest.
      • Fix for Gear Score not being calculated correctly when Alliance Gear is equipped, and they leave the Alliance.
      • The secondary objective for “Left with No Choice” now no longer fails if the player has the Milestone bonus “Prosperity” or “Surplus” active.
      • The secondary objective for “Repeatable: What an Egomaniac” now displays the failure UI notification at the correct time.
      • Fertile Crescent: “Temple of the Loom” now starts players with their own Civ’s units (previously, players were forced to use Babylonian units)

      Balance Updates - Champion Mode

      The following changes are for Champion Mode only.


      • Caravan
        • Decreased health to 200 from 300
      • Guard Tower
        • Decreased cost to 50w/100s from 100w/150s
      • Fortified Tower tech
        • Decreased cost to 300w/100s from 200w/300g
        • Decreased research time to 30 from 60 seconds
      • Stronghold Tower tech
        • Decreased cost to 500w/150s from 300w/500g
        • Decreased research time to 30 from 60 seconds


      • Hypaspist
        • Increased training time to 12 from 11 seconds
      • Toxotes
        • Increases training time to 13 from 12 seconds
      • Sarissophoroi
        • Increased training time to 16 from 15.2 seconds
      • Greek Priest
        • Increased conversion time to 16 from 10
      • Greek Battering Ram
        • Decreased cost to 150w/30g from 200w/50g
        • Increased bonus damage vs. Buildings to +500% from +400%
        • Removed Melee-Cavalry armor
      • Greek Ballista
        • Decreased bonus damage vs. Buildings to +150% from +300%


      • Egyptian Axeman
        • Increased training time to 8 from 7.2 seconds
      • War Elephant
        • Removed base conversion resistance of 30%
      • Priest of Ptah
        • Increased conversion time to 16 from 12
        • Increased training time to 30 from 20 seconds
      • Egyptian Siege Tower
        • Decreased cost to 200w/80g from 250w/100g
        • Increased bonus damage vs. Buildings to +500% from +400%
        • Removed Melee-Cavalry armor
      • Catapult
        • Decreased bonus damage vs. Buildings to +150% from +300%
      • Axeman Champion tech
        • Increased cost to 450g from 350g


      • Sparabara
        • Increased cost to 40f/10g from 40f/5g
      • Persian Bowman
        • Increased bonus damage vs. Infantry to +75% from +50%
      • Persian Mounted Archer
        • Decreased cost to 70w/60g from 70w/80g
      • Magus
        • Increased conversion time to 16 from 13
      • Persian Battering Ram
        • Decreased cost to 150w/30g from 200w/50g
        • Increased bonus damage vs. Buildings to +500% from +400%
        • Removed Melee-Cavalry armor
      • Shield Wall tech
        • Decreased Sparabara melee-infantry armor debuff to -10% from -20%


      • Woad Raider
        • Increased health to 270 from 230
      • Augur
        • Increased conversion time to 16 from 12
      • Ram
        • Decreased cost to 50f/120w from 50f/150w
      • Champion Champion tech
        • Increased damage buff to +50% from +35%


      • Sapper
        • Increased bonus damage vs. Buildings to +200% from +150%
      • Babylonian Chariot Archer
        • Added +50% bonus damage vs. Priests
      • Babylonian Priest
        • Increased conversion time to 16 from 10
      • Babylonian Siege Tower
        • Increased bonus damage vs. Buildings to +500% from +400%
        • Removed Melee-Cavalry armor
      • Garden
        • Now inherently start with 0.5 Food per sec trickle
        • Decreased cost to 50w/50g from 100w/50g
        • Cost now increases by 10w/10g for every Garden built (capping at 160w/160g for the 12th Garden)
        • Decreased health to 500 from 750
      • Cultivation tech
        • Decreased Food trickle buff to +0.5 Food per sec from +1
        • Decreased cost to 150f/150w from 300f/300w
      • Large Gardens tech
        • Now free and automatically researched upon reaching Age3
      • Royal Gardens tech
        • Now free and automatically researched upon reaching Age4
      • War Chariot Champion tech
        • Added +50% crush armor

      So, now that you have received all the details on the update coming tomorrow? Which changes and additions are you looking forward to the most? Jump in the thread to let us know: