PvP Tip #11

Hey PvPers! This week’s PvP tip is for all you Norse players out there. Warning to all you lactose intolerant folk out there: there is some CHEESE in this tip! You’ve probably encountered this at least once if you play on the ladder at all, and many of you may already work it into your play.

If you didn’t guess it by now, I’m talking about proxy war dogs! Norse have two scouts: a melee scout and a ranged scout. The melee scout can build a barracks, while the ranged scout can build an outpost, which in turn can build war dogs.

Have your ranged scout build an outpost just out of the line of sight of your opponent, like this:

Keep in mind that individually, war dogs are pretty weak and die easily to town center fire. You’ll be much more successful by amassing a small group of war dogs before sending them in to gnaw on your opponent’s villagers. If you’re successful, your opponent will have to frantically run his villagers away, resulting in lost gathering time and giving you an advantage!

There are a couple of things you should remember as you do this. While war dogs are cheap, they train really fast, so you’ll need a few extra villagers on food to keep up with both constant war dog and villager production. War dogs don’t cost pop, so if you open with an outpost, you won’t need to build a house right away. However, opening with an outpost can leave you somewhat vulnerable, especially if your opponent handles the rush well, so be prepared for a counter attack!

As for players who get matched against a Norse player, if you see your opponent’s ranged scout lurking around your base, keep an eye on him! I usually tag my scout onto his ranged scout to both deny the outpost from going up, and to inflict damage on the scout, as it has lower health and no access to Age II healing.

I recently opened with proxy war dogs on stream. Check that game out here!

Was this week’s tip helpful? What is some of your favorite cheese? Let me know here: