PvP Season #2

Hello Spartans! A big thank you to everyone who played on the ladder during the course of last season. It was a great trial run, and we learned a lot from the feedback you left through the forum. I’ve taken many of your suggestions and I’m happy to announce the second PvP season!

We are officially underway, as we will consider this season started as of the ladder reset yesterday. We’ve added two weeks to this season, so this eight week battle royale will last until March 5th. I’ll be updating you guys along the way with weekly blog posts about who is at or near the top of the leaderboards.

I know you team players were feeling a bit left out, so the 2v2 ladder gets its own season as well! The top 5 finishers from each ladder will receive a new forum tag to boast your exploits til the end of next season, when you can fight over it once again!

As for prizes, the number one spots will still receive the unique season winner statue. The rest of the prizes will be distributed as follows:

Top 5 – 1,000 EP, any two pieces of legendary gear, and forum tags

Top 10 – 750 EP and any piece of legendary gear

Top 25 – 500 EP and a non-city consumable of choice

Top 50 – 250 EP

I really appreciate all of the feedback you guys left me about last season, and I always want to hear more! Tell me what you think about this second PvP season here:

Now get out there and start grinding ladder games!