PvP Tip #14

Hello PvPers! I hope you are finding these PvP tips useful so far. I am receiving a lot of feedback from you guys about what you’d like me to write tips on, so if there’s something you’d like to see, send me a PM! This week’s tip is a quick and easy hint about effectively raiding Babylon.

If you are at all familiar with Babylonian mechanics, you know that their gardens are a critical part of their economy and macro. While it may not be immediately obvious from looking at their art model, gardens have very low HP. At 500 HP, that’s 250 HP less than what houses have! This makes gardens a key raiding target, and it really doesn’t take that many units to destroy one.

Take a look at this clip from yesterday’s Community Challenge. Watch how fast a small group of cG Trolerkules’ lancers destroy a garden:

The next time you are matched with a Babylonian player on the ladder, raid his gardens to hit his economy where it hurts, and force him to spend more wood and gold to replace it. Remember, gardens get more expensive with every additional one built! Babylonian players, try not to use gardens as part of a building wall, as it will be an extremely weak link in your defense.

Was this PvP tip useful? What are some of your favorite matchup-specific pointers? Let me know here: