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  • Age Of Empires Online
  • The Empire Handbook contains all the wisdom of the ages to guide you in building your empire, conquering your enemies, and becoming the most fearsome ruler in your realm. To access the ancient texts, click the Previous and Next icons to move between topics; use the scroll bar to the right or grab the page with your cursor to move up and down the page; open the Browse section at the bottom of the page to click on individual sections; or use the Search feature to hunt by keyword. Interactive features are indicated by a change in pointer. To return to the Contents page, click the Contents icon in the Browse panel. Learn military strategies, technology effects, which Advisors to seek for the most effective advantages, and more—all with the click of your mouse.

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  • You Rule!

    In Age of Empires® Online, the latest entry in the award-winning Age of Empires franchise, build a powerful empire, battle with or against other players in epic settings, and advance your civilization by managing critical resources. Age of Empires Online allows you to customize and share your Capital City, exchange gifts, and battle opponents, all while chatting online with your friends.

    Capital Palace
      To launch Age of Empires Online
    1. Go to
    2. Click Play Free Now.
    3. Follow the prompts on the installer.
    4. Click Play on the Marketplace launcher.
    5. Click Play on the Age of Empires Online launcher.
    6. Follow the easy instructions, using your email address to sign up.

    The first time you launch Age of Empires Online, issue your first proclamation by naming your Capital City. Click Play, and experience the supreme power of establishing your own empire! Where you go from here will be determined by your ability to adapt, grow, and use the units and resources of your civilization.

    Rule wisely. The fate of your empire is in your hands!

  • Chatting

    When you’re playing Age of Empires Online, you can exchange messages with other players in your realm. The chat window appears at the lower left of the screen when you start the game. To move the chat window, click anywhere on the chat window and drag it to your preferred position. To resize the chat window, click the edge of the window and drag it to the size you prefer. To access the main chat commands, click on the Balloon icon to the right of the text box in the chat window while in any of the tabs. For more chat commands, type /Help in the text box.

    At the top of the chat window are four tabs. The General tab is the default tab and shows chat messages that are broadcast to everyone. The LFG (Looking for Group) tab allows you to search for and join Co-op quest games. The Trade tab allows you to buy and sell equipment, buildings, and consumables by linking to items in your Inventory. The Ticker tab keeps a running list of what you’ve been awarded in your quests, when you level up or age up, what training has been completed, and other game information. You can chat while in any channel except Ticker.


    In the Options panel, you can change the chat font size, move all of your conversations into a single tab, and set the chat screen opacity. You can also create or join a custom channel if, for instance, you want to chat privately with your friends or have a conversation about an item for sale. Access the Options panel by right-clicking any of the tabs.

    To send a general chat message

    1. Click the text box in the chat window or press ENTER.
    2. Type your message.
    3. Press ENTER to send the message.

    To send a chat message to a specific person
    1. Right-click that person’s name in the chat window and click Whisper.
    2. Type your message.
    3. Press ENTER to send the message.
    1. Click the chat text box in the chat window.
    2. Type /whisper gamertag, text—where gamertag is that person’s gamertag and text is the message.
    3. Press ENTER to send the message.

    To see multiple conversations in one tab
    1. Right-click the tab in which you want your conversations to appear.
    2. In the Options panel, check the boxes of the channels you want to combine.
    3. Click OK.

    To join or create a custom channel

    1. In the Options panel, type the name of the custom channel you want to create or join in the Join Channel text box.
    2. Click Join.

    To buy or sell an item
    1. Open your Inventory.
    2. Click the Trade tab.
    3. Place your cursor in the chat text box.
    4. Type the message you want to include with your item–want to sell, etc.
    5. Hold SHIFT, and then click the item you want to include.
    Click on items in the Trade channel to see item details. Item linking only works in Trade, party chat, and Whisper.

    To search for a Co-op quest
    1. Click the LFG tab.
    2. Press L to open your Quest Map and view your quest log.
    3. Select the quest you want to offer as a Co-op game.
    4. Click Co-op at the bottom left of the quest log.

  • Embassy

    The Embassy is your hub for communicating with the world beyond your city gates. From here, you can exchange messages, send gifts, and establish trade with other Age of Empires Online players. Mail arrives in your capital via trade ship, so if you are awaiting news from afar, watch for a messenger boat to arrive at the dock. Note that items sent COD (Cash on Delivery) that aren’t claimed aren’t gone forever; they will be returned to you within a short time.

    TIP: Mail can only be sent to other players in your realm.

    To send a message, Coin, or items

    1. In your Capital City, click your Embassy.
    2. Click Compose.
    3. Add a recipient in the To field, add a subject in the Subject line, and type your message. All messages must contain all three elements.
    4. To send Coin with your message, click Coin and type the amount of Coin you want to send.
    5. To send an item with your message, open your Inventory and drag the item to the empty field.
    6. Click Send.

  • Global

    Find Cont'd


    Capital City


    Create Unit



  • Quests

    Once you’ve arrived in your Capital City, start building your empire by completing quests. Quest givers in your Capital City are marked with exclamation points and offer details such as quest objectives and the skills, technologies, or units you receive when you complete a quest. Once you accept a quest, a question mark appears above the quest giver until that quest is completed. Quests can be single player, Co-op, or player vs. player (PvP). Quests may take you to Outposts or involve tasks in or near your Capital City, such as constructing new buildings, crafting materials, or traveling to local factions to establish diplomatic relations. Some quests require prior technology research before you begin. As your Capital City grows, quest challenges increase in difficulty, and each comes with its own unique requirements and rewards.

    Pop-ups on the left side of the screen just above the chat window offer words of wisdom and battle strategy as you progress. To view a tip, click the tutorial’s heading. To remove the tip headings from view, right-click the heading.

    To view and accept a quest

    1. Click the quest giver to view quest details.
    2. Click Accept.
    3. Click the Quest Map icon on the Mini-Map.
    4. Select the quest you want to complete, and then click Begin Quest.
    TIP: From the Quest Map, you can go directly to your Capital City, Sparta, Cyprus, and Crete with the click of a button.

    Quest Types



    Unique quests can be completed only once. A yellow exclamation point indicates a unique quest, a clear question mark indicates a unique quest you’ve accepted but have yet to complete, while a yellow question mark indicates a unique quest that you’ve completed.



    Repeatable quests can be completed multiple times. There are three types of repeatable quests: No Restriction, Weekly, and Daily. A blue exclamation point marks a repeatable quest. Certain repeatable quests include an Elite option that, when enabled, make your enemies bigger, stronger, and angry! Quest rewards scale to account for increased difficulty.



    Global quests take longer to complete, with requirements fulfilled over the course of several repeatable and unique quests. A globe icon indicates a global quest.


    Co-op quests

    Using the Quest Map, you can search for other players who want to complete the same quest. Once a party is established, the Party Leader (the player who began the search) starts the Co-op quest.

    To establish a Co-op match

    1. Open the Quest Map.
    2. Select a Co-opable quest.
    3. Click Co-op to search for a match.
    4. The second player selects the quest name in the LFG channel.
    5. Select Begin Quest to invite the other party member to the Co-op quest.
    6. Once the second player accepts, the Co-op quest begins.

    Quest color indicators

    Orange = Far above your level
    Yellow = Above your level
    Green = Close to your level
    White = Below your level
    Gray = Far below your level

    Tip: Enemies in yellow and orange quests have increased health and damage.

  • Cartography

    Use the Mini-Map in the upper right of the screen to navigate your Capital City and explore new territories during quests. See the Mini-Map Legend below to identify each of the map elements.


      To navigate

    1. Click the spot on the Mini-Map you want to view. The black Fog of War dissipates as you explore the map.

      To direct your units to a specific location

    1. Click the unit you want to move to select it, or drag a box around multiple units to select them.
    2. Right-click the spot on the Mini-Map where you want the unit or units to move.

    Mini-Map Legend




  • Town Center

    The Town Center is where you start your quests and is the most important structure to you when you are on a quest. The Town Center supports a population of 20, trains Villagers, and is a resource drop-off site. For most levels, you can build only one Town Center. The Town Center is a haven for your Villagers: When your Outpost is under attack, garrison your Villagers inside the Town Center.

    CommandGarrison_ua.pngTo garrison a Villager inside the Town Center

    Villager UI
    1. Click a Villager.
    2. Click the Arrow in the Villager window.
    3. Click the Town Center to set it as a garrison, and the selected
      Villager will run inside for protection.
    4. To release the Villager, click the Villager icon, or Eject the Villager to reassign it to other duties once the threat has been removed.

    CommandBell_ua.pngTo garrison all Villagers inside the Town Center

    1. Ring the Town Bell and all Villagers will garrison in
      the Town Center.
    2. Ring the Town Bell again to send the Villagers back to work, or Eject the Villagers to reassign them to other duties once the threat has been removed.
  • Leveling

    Complete quests, defeat enemies, and recover caches to accrue Experience Points and increase your Capital City’s level. As you level up, you unlock new buildings, units, technologies, and increasingly challenging quests. Most importantly, earning Experience Points provides you with opportunities to advance your Capital City through the ages.

  • Factions

    Surrounding your territory are the empires of other civilizations, or factions, such as Mycenae and Troy. Once you’ve visited a faction, you can obtain quests from quest givers in that region. Completing quests that support a particular faction provides you with Faction Points, which can be spent in faction cities to unlock unique items.

    To travel to a faction city

    1. Click the Map icon at the lower left of the Mini-Map to open the Quest Map.

    2. Navigate to the region you want to visit.

    3. Select the Capital City you want to travel to.

    4. Click Travel to City.

    Quest Map
  • Buildings and Units

    Every civilization in Age of Empires Online comes with a variety of units, each with a unique set of purposes, advantages, and disadvantages. To secure your reign over the region, you’ll need to assemble an army that balances the traits of your available units.

    Buildings form an essential part of your civilization. Use your buildings to manage resources and establish the daily operations and economic vitality of your colony. Buildings also create units: Villagers are created in the Town Center, Infantry are created in Barracks, and Priests are created in Temples. In most cases, before you can create a unit, you must first construct that unit’s building. See the Hotkeys section for more quick tips.

    Create Unit

    To construct a training building

    1. Click a Villager.

    2. Select the building you want to construct.

    3. Click where you want the building constructed.

    Using multiple Villagers to construct a single building reduces the amount of time it takes to construct. Once your building has been completed, you can start creating units.


    TIP: Advancing to the next Age (at levels 1, 3, 7, and 15) automatically unlocks all units for that age.

    Create Unit

    To create a unit

    1. Click the building that will allow you to create the unit you want-for example, the Town Hall for Villagers.

    2. Click the type of unit you want to create.

    To create Multiple units, click the unit type multiple times.

    Harness the power of your units

    Every commander knows there is strength in numbers. Your military strategy benefits from skillfully deploying multiple units for specific tasks, following the best predetermined route, and attacking the enemy at the point of least resistance.

    To select more than one unit

    1. Drag a box around the units you want to select.


    1. Click the first unit to select it.

    2. Hold SHIFT and click other units to add them to your selection.

    To direct units to follow waypoints

    1. Select the units you want to move.

    2. Hold SHIFT, and then right-click the terrain to set a waypoint. Continue to right-click the route until all waypoints are set, mapping the course you want your units to take.

    3. At the last waypoint, release SHIFT and your units will move along the waypoints.

    Gather Points

    Gather Points (sometimes called Rally Points) create a martial or economical advantage by sending out units as they’re created to accomplish tasks, saving the time otherwise needed to command each unit individually.

    • Villagers can have their Gather Points set to resources that are being gathered or buildings that are being built, so that they begin gathering or building immediately.

    • Caravans (produced in the Market) can have their Gather Points set to a Town Center, so that they begin their trade route immediately.

    • Merchant Transports (produced at the Dock) can have their Gather Points set to other Docks, so that they begin their trade route immediately.

    To set a Gather Point

    1. Click the appropriate building to create specific units.

    2. Right-click the location where you want to set the Gather Point.

  • Combat!

    Whether defending your Outpost from an onslaught or conquering new territory, combat plays a crucial role in expanding your empire. However, securing victory on the battlefield takes more than just raising a massive army; it also requires strategy. When building your military, take the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent into account, as well as your preferred playing style, to ensure your army emerges victorious.

    Military units automatically attack enemies within their line of sight unless ordered to attack a specific unit. Military units can also focus on defending an Outpost against enemy hordes.

    To direct your units to attack a specific enemy

    1. Select the units you want to use.

    2. Right-click the enemy units you want them to attack.

  • Points

    Experience Points

    Experience Points are used to raise your level and advance your empire. They also unveil new, more challenging quests and provide access to a variety of buildings to use in your Capital City.

    Technology Points

    Technology Points (also called Tech Points) are used to help your culture grow and develop. Spend Tech Points at your Capital City’s Palace to learn new technologies, improve on existing units, and upgrade technologies you’ve already learned. Tech Points allow you to make use of the new options available.

    Faction Points

    Complete quests in regions controlled by a particular faction to gain favor with that faction. Once you earn enough Faction Points, you can spend them at stores in faction-controlled regions.

    Empire Points

    Empire Points are used to purchase many things within the world of Age of Empires Online. They can be purchased from the Empire Point store or earned in-game by completing certain quests and reaching certain milestones.

  • Advanced Strategy

    For experienced gamers, choosing how to balance economic development versus military advancement is key. There are several core strategies that can be useful tools: Rushing, Booming, and Turtling.


    This strategy focuses on building up your military quickly for early attacks. The goal of Rushing is to catch your enemies unprepared. By taking out your opponent’s core economic resources—such as Villagers, Houses, and Markets—you dramatically impede your enemy’s ability to advance their civilization.


    Instead of focusing on your military, Booming involves turning your civilization into an economic powerhouse. To be successful at Booming, establish multiple Town Centers with huge populations of Villagers, all gathering resources at a high rate. By maximizing your economy early on, you build immense resources that you can later spend on creating a massive military.


    Turtling is a strategy that involves immediately taking strong defensive measures. From the start, begin walling off your Town Centers and protecting your economic resources from a potential Rush. To use Turtling successfully, build your defensive and economic resources first, while reserving your attacks for later.

  • Scout


    Successful management of resources—Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold—plays a crucial role in building your empire. You must have enough resources before you can begin amassing an army to expand your empire. Food is required to create Villagers and military units, Wood and Stone are essential for constructing new buildings, while Gold is used for both. Keep track of the resources in your stockpile with the resource meter at the top of the screen.

    To gather a resource

    1. Select one or more Villagers.

    2. Right-click the resource to be gathered.


    Finding some resources may require a little exploration. Your Scout, with his high traveling speed and long line of sight, is skilled at discovering resources far afield. Add military units to your scouting party to greatly increase the safety of your Scout as he travels across enemy territory. If your Scout is killed in combat, he can only be brought back with a consumable.


    Recovering Caches

    As you explore an Outpost, you’ll discover chests that may contain materials, equipment, Advisors, Blueprints, consumables, or recipes—items that provide temporary units or a boost to stats. However, caches are guarded by enemy units. To recover a cache, send in military units to defeat the guards that defend it. Once all the cache guards have been defeated, right-click the chest to reap your reward.

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  • Inventory


    The Inventory stores all your items, such as materials, Blueprints, consumables, and quest loot. Open your Inventory at any time by clicking the Crate icon on the lower-right corner of the Mini-Map. The amount of storage available in your Inventory is determined by the number of warehouses you have in your Capital City and how many storage slots each warehouse contains.

    When you first establish your Capital City, it contains a single storage building with 16 storage slots. Each storage slot can hold items such as Blueprints, consumables, and loot chests; or materials such as animal hides, stone, and wooden planks. To increase the amount of available storage, purchase additional warehouse Blueprints from stores in your Capital City. You may also obtain Blueprints as quest loot.

  • Technology

    As you gain Experience Points and increase your Capital City’s level, you’ll unlock opportunities to advance your civilization through the ages and direct the path your people take. Your civilization’s strategy is determined by what you unlock in the three classes of technology: Economy, Military, and Utility.

    Technology costs Tech Points to learn. View your available Tech Points in the Technology Tree. You can change your civilization’s learned technologies from your Capital City at any time by bringing up the Technology Tree and clicking Reset. As you level up and unlock ages, it costs more Coin to reset and unspend Tech Points.

    To unlock a new technology for your civilization

    1. In your Capital City, click the Palace to bring up the Technology Tree.

    2. Select the technology class you want to advance.

    3. Select the technologies you want to learn.

    4. Click Accept.


    Economy technologies focus on resource harvesting, defense, and naval transportation. Beginning with basic fortification and increases in resource-gathering speed, Economy technology is how defensive players reap the greatest return on their Technology-Point investment.


    Military technologies provide offense-focused players with everything they need to build a massive army. From basic infantry to elaborate siege units, the key to raising an unstoppable army is Military technology.


    Utility technologies are support-centric, focusing on stat-boosting technologies for your military units, such as enhanced armor, towers to protect Town Centers, and priests who provide a healing touch on the field of battle.

  • Milestone Rewards

    Let your current civilization’s hard-won achievements be the windfall of your other civilizations in the realm. Milestone Rewards are unlocked at levels 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40, either on quest completion or when you return to your Capital City. As you level up and reach each Milestone level, you’ll be able to choose one of two specialized, passive techs. These techs are always active, have a variety of benefits, and can range from increasing your Cavalry health to decreasing Villager training time. Once selected, the bonus will provide benefit on any non-PvP quests. And, unlike the Tech Tree, the decision is permanent—your choice will truly customize your civilization.

    In addition, you can select one tech per civilization to be a Global Bonus, meaning it will affect all other civilizations you play. The active Global Bonus can be switched at any time.

    To share a Milestone Bonus across your civilizations

    1. In your Capital City, click the Palace to bring up the Technology Tree.

    2. Review unlocked Milestone Rewards for each character in your current civilization.

    3. Select one Multi-Civ Bonus to apply.

    4. Click Accept.

  • Alliance Wars

    What do you do when you reach level 40?

    You go to WAR!

    The Alliance Wars are a team-based competition for level-40 players, and the action centers on three Alliances: the Delian League, the Council of Imhotep, and the Legion of Carthage. Each Alliance is fighting for dominance, and only one can come out on top! Choose your Alliance wisely!

    Alliance Points

    You can earn Alliance Points (AP) through quests, PvP, Skirmish, Defense of Crete, Legendaries, or even donating Materials to the cause! The total AP earned by everyone in your Alliance (or “Total War Effort”) is used to determine the winning team.

    Empire Point Rewards

    At the end of each contest, Empire Points are awarded to all participants. The amount is determined by two factors: what place your Alliance came in, and how much you contributed to your Alliance.

    In general, being a large contributor to your Alliance is worth more than coming in first. If an Alliance is at a disadvantage with fewer members and low participation, its members will get a bonus to their EP rewards.


    Is one Alliance dominating? Team up with another Alliance to take them down! You can choose to use a percentage of your AP to reduce the War Effort of an enemy Alliance. The best part is, you’ll still earn full participation credit regardless of where your AP goes.


    There are three simultaneous contests running at any given time: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Any time you earn AP, you will contribute the same amount to each contest. When each contest ends, Empire Points are awarded. All expired contests will be stored in the Archives to review for a period of time.

    Alliance Ranks

    Within each Alliance, every member is given a rank based on their overall participation. This rank increases your passive Alliance Bonuses and gives you bragging rights. Don’t worry--if you miss a few days of playing, you’ll hold your rank … but if you’re gone for too long, you’ll start to lose your standing!


    The Legion of Carthage

    Capital: Carthage

    The Legion of Carthage is headed by Hannibal, the famous general who crossed the Alps to invade Italy. His legion enforces its power through brute strength and massive numbers.

    Passive Bonuses (not active in PvP): Damage, Train Time, Food Gathering

    The Delian League

    Capital: Delos

    The League is a confederacy of Greek states that meets at the island of Delos. Their leader, Archimedes, is a mathematician and engineer who wins his battles through economy and trade.

    Passive Bonuses (not active in PvP): Gather Rate, Cheaper Buildings, Building Health

    The Council of Imhotep

    Capital: Farafra Oasis

    The Council of Imhotep is headed by the famed vizier Imhotep, a polymath skilled in architecture, engineering, and medicine. Those working alongside Imhotep wish to elevate their civilization through the use of technology and usher peace through religion.

    Passive Bonuses (not active in PvP): Cheaper Research, Unit Health, Cheaper Priests

  • There are two ways to battle other players in Age of Empires Online: through your Capital City’s Arena and the Spartan Arena. These player-vs.-player (PvP) venues offer a variety of match combinations, including 1v1, 2v2, and 4-player Free For All (FFA). In addition, each Arena has its own version of Standard and Champion mode.

    Capital City Arena

    You receive the Blueprint for your Capital City’s Arena at level 4, unless you’re playing a pro civilization—then the Arena is available immediately. Matches are set up by the party leader and played in Standard mode by default. Players retain all gear, techs, and Advisors selected in their Capital City, which means teams can have very different skill levels and strengths. If the party leader selects Champion mode in this Arena, all team members are instantly on equal footing, as their Tech Tree, Gear, and Advisors have no effect on the match. There are no leaderboards in the Capital City Arena, as matches are made based on invitation rather than players’ skill level.

    After the Arena has been built, you must set up or join a party before you can go to battle. Premium players can act as the party leader and invite free players, but free players cannot initiate matches themselves. You can invite a person to your party in one of three ways.

    To invite a player by chat command

    1. To type in the chat text box, press ENTER.

    2. Type /invite followed by the gamertag of the person you want to play with, and then press ENTER.

    3. The person you invited receives a prompt to join your party.

    To invite a player in the Chat window

    1. In the chat window, right-click the player’s gamertag, and then click Invite.

    2. The person you invited receives a prompt to join your party.

    To invite a player by Friends List

    1. At the left of the screen, click the Party Invite icon.

    2. From your Friends List, select the friend you want to invite, and then click Invite.

    3. The person you invited receives a prompt to join your party.

    Once everyone you’ve invited joins your party, you can assign teams and the style of play for your Arena match.

    To start an Arena match

    1. Click your Arena to open the Team menu.

    2. Select your party members’ names from the center list and use the Arrow keys to assign them to teams.

    3. Select the Champion checkbox if you want to even the playing field.

    4. Click Begin PvP.

  • Spartan Arena

    In Sparta, free and premium players can take on other players at the Spartan Arena. Sparta becomes available at level 1, after you accept the Sparta! Quest. Once you’re in the Spartan Arena, you can choose to play Standard (unranked) or Champion (ranked) modes of PvP.

    If you select Standard mode, you will play with all the gear, techs, and Advisors you’ve chosen in your Capital City, and your wins and losses won’t be recorded. But unlike in the Capital City Arena, you will earn rewards to advance your Capital City, and both free and premium player can initiate Standard matches.

    Champion mode, on the other hand, is available to premium players only. This is a ranked mode, so your wins and losses are recorded and displayed on the Leaderboard for all civilizations to see! What’s more, your civilization’s entire Tech Tree, including Star Techs, is available to you; gear acts as a vanity item, affecting the look of your units but not their actual stats; and Advisors are not welcome, so unique units from Advisor Cards can’t assist in the Spartan Arena. When you win matches in ranked play, you gain rewards to apply to your Capital City and bolster your units for boosters, quest, and unranked PvP!

    In addition, for each Spartan quest successfully completed, premium civilization players receive XP, Sparta Points, and Empire Points, which can be used to purchase equipment from Spartan stores. Free players also receive XP, Sparta Points, and Empire Points for completing Standard matches, but the amount is less and the Points cannot be spent.

    To join the matchmaking queue

    1. Travel to Sparta.

    2. Click the Spartan Arena.

    3. Select Standard or Champion to determine whether play is Unranked or Ranked.

    4. Select 1v1, 2v2, or 4-player FFA to determine the game type.

    5. Click Quick Match.


    There are two Leaderboards—1v1 and 2v2—for Champion players. Compare your stats with your friends and other players while in the Spartan Arena.

    Standard matches are made using a player’s level first and then the TrueSkill™ ranking system. These unranked matches have no impact on your TrueSkill rank in Champion mode, where your rank is used exclusively for matchmaking. Either way, you can head into the Spartan Arena confident that you are about to face an opponent with similar skills—one you can potentially overpower!

  • Observer Mode

    For some matches in the Arena, playing the role of spectator is as thrilling as sparring face-to-face with the enemy on the battlefield. In Observer mode, you can root for or coach your favorite team, track an individual player’s progress, and learn new gameplay strategies, all in real time through Live streaming.

    Observer mode is only available in the Arena, and the Arena hosts one observer in a 2v2 match and up to three observers in a 1v1 match.

    To view an Arena match

    1. Form a party and enter the Arena (see Capital City Arena).

    2. Assign at least one player from the Observers list to each team using the Arrow keys. (All team members are observers by default.)

    3. Click Begin PvP.

  • King Minos Needs You!

    Pack up your army and head to Crete! King Minos needs your help to defend his island from invaders—and he’s sure to enrich your coffers if you succeed. Beat back waves of relentless Lelegan Mercenaries as you protect the sacred Minoan Wonders from being destroyed. For even more fun, invite a friend to team up against the barbarian attackers. Earn new gear and new rewards for successfully defending Crete!

    Get a taste of the Defense of Crete gameplay by going on the Cretins on the Coast! demo quest for free. In Defense of Crete, battle more waves with increasingly difficult combat situations in 27 new quests, available from the Minoan quest giver and the Minoan War Council.

    To access Crete, you must complete the Ambassador training quest, Have Ambassador, Will Travel, or you can purchase the Defense of Crete Booster Pack and complete the purchase reward quest. Both quests allow you to speak to your City Ambassador and accept the quest to visit Crete, called King Minos Needs You!

    • Ten new maps, and 27 new quests with five difficulty settings

    • More than 50 new pieces of gear

    • Three Special Ability consumables with four rarities, for 12 abilities total

    • Three Advisors with four rarities, for 12 new Advisors total

    • Three exclusive Minoan Wonder decorations

    • Three Minoan stores and the all-new Minoan War Council, located in Crete

    To play Defense of Crete

    1. Once you’ve arrived in Crete, click the Minoan War Council.

    2. On the Settings screen, match the quest Difficulty level to your current level from the drop-down list (if you’re at level 5, pick level 5 quests).

    3. Choose the number of attackers you’d like to battle at once. The more attackers you defeat, the better the rewards!

    4. Choose the quest you’d like to play, using the Quest Settings scrollbar to view the list.

    5. Click Begin Quest to start the quest, or click Co-op to find a Co-op partner for the quest you’ve selected.

  • You're a Legend!

    Your journey continues at level 40! Marshal your forces to face some of the toughest quests in the realm, with new challenges and new Legendary gear. Only the best will be victorious!

    • Free to play!

    • 5 new Legendary quests found in Cyprus, available when The Twelve Kingdoms quest has been completed

    • Dozens of new Legendary rarity items

    • Legendary Armaments store in Cyprus—get Legendary gear items for Coin!

    TIP: Identify Legendary items by the orange background.

  • Create your own battle!

    Come one, come all! The leaders of Cyprus, crossroads of the ancient world, invite you to compete in a series of games in their wondrous Skirmish Hall, open to any and all takers. Bring your army to face off against the heroes of Greece, Egypt, Persia, and the Celtic lands. Meet new friends with whom you can ally to best the world’s greatest challengers! At the Cyprus Skirmish Hall, you can battle on more than 15 different maps, challenge weak to unstoppable foes, and even engage in battle with three of your closest friends to take on four formidable heroes. Try new strategies! Use new troops you haven’t been able to otherwise attain in your Capital City. Earn valuable experience and fabulous rewards. Nearly unlimited combinations of battle await you when you enter the Skirmish Hall!

    Fully configurable Skirmish Hall allows you to choose every element of gameplay, from resources, teams, and victory conditions to opponent civilizations, difficulty, and strategy.

    • Fight on more than 20 different maps

    • All units are automatically unlocked and battle-ready!

    • Play with up to 3 friends against up to 4 computer enemies

    • Battle 9 unique computer opponents

    • Configure maps, teams, victory conditions, and resources

    • Customize opponent civilizations, difficulty, and strategy

    • Earn new Advisors, vanity trophies, and custom gear

    YOU control the battlefield!

  • Skirmish Hall Maps

    Travel! Adventure! Excitement! Variety! Look no further than the Skirmish Hall and its massive selection of locations available to train your army in the art of combat. Choose from age-old standards like Coastal, Black Forest, and Oasis, or concentrate on your navy via Big Islands and Dueling Islands. Or venture into new and unusual map types like Resource War, King of the Hill, No Man’s Land, and Equal Footing. There is a map for any way that you want to play. The random map generator creates a new map each time, so you’ll never have the same experience twice. Make sure your Scout is in tip-top shape, as you’ll still need to explore the map! Get your troops in order, rally the people to collect those resources, and head off to the Skirmish Hall to enjoy many exotic locations today!

    Arabia. A cliff protects your base on this arid map, allowing you to secure extra resources in relative safety. However, the middle of the map is populated with Goats, waiting to be brought back to your base, and lions, waiting to get your Goat!

    Bandit’s Canyon
    Starting bases sit on opposing hill tops, surrounded by a ring of cliffs with two openings each. There are enough resources on your hill to last a short while, but if you want to survive, you must venture out and fight to secure more resources.

    Big Island. Players start on opposite sides of an island stocked with resources. But the sea beckons! Do you amass a navy to take control of the sea and its bountiful fishing spots? Or do you fight on land?

    Black Forest. There’s no shortage of Wood on this map! Your base is nestled inside a vast forest. Travel through narrow, tree-lined pathways to find Food, Gold, and Stone.

    Coastal. An oval sea lies between opponents. Controlling the water is an advantage, but not an overwhelming one, as attacks can be mounted on land. Choosing which side to attack from can be tricky: attack from the left of the sea and find that your enemy has attacked you from the right!

    Dueling Islands
    Dueling islands indeed! Your enemy and you start on a small, resource-dense island. Surrounding you is an open sea, dotted with smaller islands, each with more Food, Wood, Gold, or Stone. Duel away!

    Equal Footing. This map is dotted with patches of forest. There are no cliffs or long tree lines to act as walls, though. Expect attacks from every direction!

    Fertile Valley. Want Wood? Then don’t stay at your base. The few Trees you start with will quickly be chopped down, and you’ll be forced to move to the fertile valley: a massive cliff-lined forest in the middle of the map. You can’t just camp next to the trees, though; Food and Gold aren’t to be found in the valley, only at the top and bottom of the map.

    Gold Rush
    The edges of this map are dotted with Trees and Food, but the center is where you want to rush: Gold is everywhere! As you head inland, you’ll discover many little Gold Mines. Descend cliff-ringed circles to find large Gold Mines at the very center of the map.

    Highlands. Two long rivers that run the length of the map intersect in the middle, forming an X. To launch a land attack, travel east or west across shallow waters to another landmass, and then traverse shallow waters again to arrive at the enemy base.

    King of the Hill. You have prime real estate on this map. Your starting base sits atop a high, cliff-ringed hill. But you’ll have to leave the comfy confines of your base at some point: most resources are scattered across the land surrounding the hill.

    Mountain Crossing. Four long cliff walls spread across this map, forming an X. In its center, where the cliffs would meet, is an open area, populated only by a few hunters. To find more resources, travel either north or south. Or, if you like fishing, make use of the pond behind your base.

    No Man’s Land. The cliff-lined center of this map is barren: there are only wolves or lions and the odd tree. Scour the edges of the map for resources, but keep some units in the middle to attack from multiple directions.

    Oasis. The name says it all: a pond surrounded by trees as well as plentiful mines and Food lies at the center of this small map. Resources are scarce elsewhere, so you must expand inward to survive.

    Resource War. This large map has no shortage of resources. To the east and west are a few Gold and Stone Mines among the many groves of trees. To the north and south are areas closed off by cliffs that contain one Gold Mine and one Stone Mine.

    Sheltered Pass. Two parallel cliffs separate players. Control the middle, where the cliff walls meet to attack your enemy at will. But be careful of surprise attacks via cliff ramps!

    Swamp Pass
    Swamp Pass. A river runs through it—the map, that is, separating players on either side. On some spawns of the map, you cross the river via shallows, allowing boats to travel from the east all the way to the west. On other spawns, the river is broken up into smaller sections by “bridges” of land.

    Treasure Island
    At first glance, this map seems normal enough. To the west and north there is open land, save for a few cliff walls; to the south and east there is a sea. But once you explore the sea, you’ll find a surprise: a small island of Gold and Stone.

    Winding rivers of shallows sprawl across this map, intersecting here and there. You’re faced with an important choice: do you invest in a navy that’s strong against land units but restricted to traveling only to where there are shallows? Or do you build a land army that is weak against boats but can travel across both land and shallows?

    Woodland Maze. To reach your enemy’s base on this map, you must work your way through narrow paths, flanked by small ponds and trees. Pay close attention to your economy! Once you leave your base, only small mines can be found, save for two clusters of big mines, one at the north of the map and the other at the south.