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  • 12/11/2013
    Forum Closure

    As we announced about a month ago, we are setting the old AoEO and AoE II HD forums hosted on this site to a read-only state today, December 11th, 2013.

  • 11/11/2013
    Pin of the Week – Dueling Aaron Burr

    Hey, community content fans! Not many people like Mondays, but today’s repdigit date (happy carnival season start to all German players out there!) is promising a good kickoff. Here is some history humor to give you a cheerful start into the new week.

  • 10/31/2013
    Community Challenge 11/1 Participants

    We’re all set for another Community Challenge tomorrow, and I’ll be going to war against all of the participants!

  • 10/31/2013
    Wololo Wednesday Grand Winner: Halloween Capital Cities Contest – 10/9

    Happy Halloween, everyone! To celebrate this spooky season, we asked you to decorate your capital cities with a Halloween theme. You gave your feedback and voted in the polls, and now it’s time to announce the grand winner!

  • 10/29/2013
    Community Challenge 11/1 Sign-Ups

    Hey everyone! We’re going to keep the trend of hosting a ‘villain’ to play against all participants in the Community Challenge. This week, the villain you’re signing up to play against is…

  • 10/28/2013
    Community Highlight – Ishaki337's Count the Immortals

    Hey, everyone! I know that you all enjoy a little AoEO puzzle every once in a while, so I am bringing you one that I found in the Steam Community screenshot section.

  • 10/24/2013
    Community Challenge 10/25: EeryMule PT Edition Participants

    All participants in this week’s Community Challenge have a particularly difficult task ahead of them in the form of playing against EeryMule PT. Join us tomorrow and watch it all happen live on stream!

  • 10/22/2013
    Wololo Wednesday Finalists: Halloween Capital Cities Contest – 10/9

    Spooky season’s greetings, everyone! We’re getting closer and closer to my favorite holiday: Halloween! To celebrate, we asked Wololo participants to decorate their capital cities with the seasonal theme, and now it’s time to vote for the best!

  • 10/22/2013
    Community Challenge 10/25: EeryMule PT Edition Sign-Ups

    Good evening, challenge fans! Last week, cG BrutishJarl clashed with all participants and managed to go undefeated. This week, challengers have another daunting task in front of them: going to war with EeryMule PT!

  • 10/21/2013
    Pin of the Week – Movie Mashup

    Hey, Community Highlight fans! After featuring some amusing in-game screenshots in last week’s Community Highlight, we have another Pin of the Week from our Humor board for you.

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