Age of Empires: Online

Create. Craft. Conquer.

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Over 40 Hours of Free Gameplay!

Age of Empires Online features two of the greatest ancient civilizations – the Greeks and Egyptians – and offer more than 40 hours of gameplay for free!

In this persistent online world, play co-operatively or competitively, craft and trade items, level-up by completing quests, build mighty empires and earn rewards.


Transform your humble Capital City into the centerpiece of an epic empire. Invite friends and allies to reap the rewards of your ever-expanding power and influence.


Connect with your friends, form alliances, quest together, or test your might against other players in PvP.


Your persistent empire will expand as your dominance on the battlefield grows. Vanquish foes with a vast arsenal of weapons, cleverly deployed tactics, and powerfully upgraded units.

In Age of Empires Online, YOU RULE.
  • An RTS classic enters a free-to-play golden age.


  • Age of Empires Online is undeniably an Age of Empires game…This is not Age of Empires Lite.


  • [Age of Empires Online has the potential to fulfill a completely untapped market…


  • …very much like a high-def remake of Age of Empires II with an MMO-like metagame surrounding it


  • Age of Empires Online is looking sharp.



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Patience is a virtue… even for an Emperor!

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